Add a touch of 007 class to your next party with Smirnoff's signature drinks recipes celebrating "Quantum of Solace"...

Smirnoff's 007 Signature Drinks
28th December 2008

Smirnoff Vodka continued its official partnership with James Bond in the latest film Quantum of Solace. The brand made its original appearance alongside Bond in Dr No which premiered in 1962. Sean Connery’s request for a “martini, shaken not stirred” made with Smirnoff vodka helped change how people made 007’s favourite cocktail—from using traditional gin to making it vodka-based. Inspired by Quantum of Solace, The Quantum of Solace and The Black Martini are the newest Smirnoff cocktails. MI6 has secured the recipes so that you can add some 007 sparkle to your next party...


Bond's life is tumultuous. It has been shaken by the loss of Vesper but his resolve has not been stirred. This drink embodies the delicate balance between his emotional turmoil and his need for retribution. The exceptional clarity of Smirnoff Vodka, a splash of lonely bitters and the brilliant ruby red of a blood red orange, combine to create the perfect Quantum of Solace. A cocktail of no small measure.

1/2 oz Bitters Liqueur
1 oz Smirnoff Vodka
1 oz Blood Orange Juice
Garnish: Orange Zest

Pour all the ingredients into an ice filled shaker and shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with an orange zest.


"The Black Tie"
A wonderful blend of some of 007's favourite luxuries. With the triple distilled Smirnoff Vodka as its base, this luscious libation is shaken with fresh mint with just a touch of sugar. Topped up with sparkling Champagne, this well dressed cocktail is always in style.

1 oz Smirnoff Vodka
1 1/2 oz Champagne
Splash of sugar syrup
1/2 dozen mint leaves

Shake the Smirnoff vodka, mint and sugar with ice. Double strain into a champagne flute, topping with champagne and stirring. Garnish with a mint leaf.


"The Vesper"
In Casino Royale, Bond transforms the martini from a staid, traditional gin drink into a more complex and refined libation. The addition of his favourite vodka and white wine vermouth created a signature beverage so worthy he named it Vesper, after his first true love. You'll understand his passion once you shake this cocktail (please don't stir it) with Smirnoff Vodka, a vodka ten times filtered for extraordinary clarity.

1/3 oz Smirnoff Vodka
1 oz Gordon's Gin
Splash of White Wine Vermouth

Pour all the ingredients into an ice filled shaker. Shake well and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.


"The 007 Martini"
To ensure that you experience the quintessential "Bond" martini, you must insist (as Bond himself has 22 times on film) that it be "shaken, not stirred." The shaking creates greater friction between the ice and the vodka resulting in increased aeration and an icy cold beverage. Smirnoff Vodka’s exceptional smoothness allows the flavours of this classic cocktail to shine through.

1 1/2 oz Smirnoff Vodka
Splash of Dry Vermouth
Garnish: Lemon Twist

Pour the vermouth into the martini glass and fill with crushed ice and water. Shake the Smirnoff with cubed ice in a separate cocktail shaker. Discard the contents of the martini glass (which will leave a vermouth rinse on the glass). Strain the Smirnoff into the glass and garnish with a lemon twist.

James Bond asks for his Martini dry, shaken and garnished with a twist of lemon. Alternatives include using more vermouth and an olive as garnish.

Thanks to Smirnoff.