MI6 rounds up the global media reaction to the "Quantum of Solace" theatrical trailer released last month...

Theatrical Trailer Global Reaction
16th October 2008

On September 9th 2008, MSN in the UK and Yahoo in the USA unveiled the latest glimpse of 007's 22nd official outing, "Quantum of Solace". The theatrical trailer immediately sparked attention and praise across a wide variety of media.

The 2 minute, 21 second insight into the most action packed and highly anticipated outing sees a host of dialogue exchanges to entice moviegoers and introduces the sleazy villain as played by Frenchman Mathieu Amalric.

Media outlets and fans across the internet were buzzing with discussion ignited by the new trailer. Some highlighted Daniel Craig's rugged good-looks and others compared "Quantum of Solace" to past Bond outings, but whatever they had to report nobody was short of praise for Craig, Forster or Kurylenko.

"After showing that incredible trailer for Quantum of Solace one can only wonder what else Columbia Pictures can show from the latest Bond installment. Apparently quite a bit..." - CanMag, Califonia USA


"It's got all you need to get excited for the film - Bond music, toughness, and lots of quick clips of action. This is going to be one gorgeous movie that I'm dying to see on the big screen" - Cinematical, Washington USA

"I challenge you to find a two-minute clip that contains more explosions, gunfire and brooding looks." - Times, UK

"This new clip moves past the original trailer's dark and emotional tone and dives right into the series' nuts and bolts: the bad guys and the Bond women." - Gearlive, USA



"With flying kicks, flash cars and hot ladies, tuxedo wearing Daniel Craig attempts to find his dead girl's killers" - Metro, UK

"The latest trailer for Quantum of Solace tones down the kick-assery in lieu of actual plot points. So yes, you will have to remember what happened in Casino Royale - but not much more than that Bond's girlfriend died, and he's not quite ready to let it go. Along with a foxy sidekick - also filled with inconsolable rage over the loss of a loved one, but not quite as good at killing people - Bond takes on a shadowy organization that wants to control, uh, something, is tangentially related to Royale's bad guys, and is fronted by rad French actor Mathieu Amalric, who can almost make clunkers like "We've already begun destabilizing the government" sound good. We can't wait!" - NYMag.com

"Obviously, we're psyched because a.) Daniel Craig as Bond kicks ass and b.) greenwashing has never looked so evil." - Ecorazzi.com

"Quantum of Solace doesn't have novelty in its corner (the film will be the 22nd official James Bond installment), it is never going to surprise (fast cars and faster women are guaranteed), and yet excitement mounts as the movie's debut at next month's London Film Festival inches nearer." - Times, UK

"The glorious and dark excerpts from Quantum of Solace had everyone licking their lips. Whoever doubted Daniel Craig as Bond anyway?" - The Australian

"For all those Bond fans out there the wait is over, now sit back relax and enjoy the two minutes and 28 seconds of amazing footage from what is shaping up to be one of the best James Bond ever made!" - MTV, UK