With the release of "Quantum of Solace" in cinemas fast approaching, James Bond is infiltrating TV with a whole host of shows.

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"Quantum of Solace" TV Guide
27th October 2008

Made: Bond Girl Special
Sunday 26th October - 12:00 (MTV One)
One lucky viewer will be transformed into a modern day Bond girl. She'll get to re-enact a scene from the Quantum of Solace and her performance will be judged by latest bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

"Casino Royale" Radio Broadcast
Episode 1 - Monday 27th October - 09:30, 20:30, 01:30 (BBC Radio 7)
Episode 2 - Tuesday 28th October - 09:30, 20:30, 01:30 (BBC Radio 7)
Episode 3 - Wednesday 29th October - 09:30, 20:30, 01:30 (BBC Radio 7)
Alex Jennings reads the classic 007 story by James Bond creator Ian Fleming. This abridged audio play has been previously broadcast on BBC Radio.

Film 2008 with Jonathan Ross
Tuesday 28th October - 23:25 (BBC1)
Sunday 2nd November - 11:30 (BBC2)
The presenter is given the chance to enact every adrenaline junkie's fantasy with an all-access visit to the set of the latest James Bond film Quantum of Solace. He meets Daniel Craig, along with on-screen villain Mathieu Amalric and director Marc Forster to discuss how the iconic spy has been transformed to meet the tastes of a modern audience.

Quantum of Solace: Bond on Location
Tuesday 28th October - 23:25 (ITV2)
Friday 31st October - 23:45 (ITV1)
Saturday 1st November - 14:05 (ITV2)
Sunday 2nd November - 10:10 (ITV4)
Thursday 6th November - 00:00 (ITV4)
Daniel Craig and the cast of the new James Bond film Quantum of Solace visit some of the glamorous locations featured in the movie, including Italy and Austria, as well as more remote parts of the world. From the back streets of Colon in Panama to the driest part of the Earth's surface in Chile, the team reveal how their location choices have helped to make this the most realistic Bond film yet.

Quantum of Solace: Royal World Premiere Special
Saturday 1st November - 14:35 (ITV2)
Sunday 2nd November - 02:25 (ITV1)
Sunday 2nd November - 09:35 (ITV4)
Monday 3rd November - 00:30 (ITV4)
Tuesday 4th November - 00:40 (ITV1)
Daniel Craig and his co-stars will be swaggering up the red carpet at the Royal world premiere of the 22nd Bond adventure which will also be attended by Princes William and Harry. Including exclusive chat and behind-the-scenes coverage of the cast in action.

Quantum of Solace Special
Saturday 1st November - 15:00 (Sky1)
Sunday 2nd November - 09:30 (Sky1)
Sunday 2nd November - 13:30 (Sky3)
Bond is back in this preview of the latest excursion for Daniel Craig in the guise of Britain's most famous secret agent.

Bond Girl Diaries
Sunday 2nd November - 09:00 (Sky1)
From her first day of filming to the photo shoots to promote the movie, new Bond girl Olga Kurylenko takes us behind the scenes of the latest Bond Film Quantum of Solace.