The second "Quantum of Solace" video diary includes more B-roll footage from the new James Bond film, as well as interviews with Daniel Craig, Marc Forster and Michael G. Wilson...

Video Diary (2)
1st March 2008

The second "Quantum of Solace" video diary on MI6 is an almost 3 minute long feature which includes B-roll scenes and gives a sneak peak at some aspects of the movie as well as interviews with Daniel Craig, director Marc Forster and producer Michael G. Wilson.

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Speaking about the daunting task of bettering the record-breaking "Casino Royale", director Marc Forster said, "What I loved about the last Bond was that it was Daniel Craig's reinvention of the character. People now have huge expectations with this being a follow up to Casino Royale. It is scary, you know? It's a hard thing to do".

Three weeks in to filming, Daniel Craig talked about how things were shaping up, "It's falling into place, you know, it's a big piece of machinery to get going and we've got to make this one better. We've got expectation against us now. There's a lot more work to do on this one, or it seems that way. Maybe I've just got selective memory about the last one because it seemed like a walk in the park compared to this one now. We've shot a few of the dialogue sequences which is kind of unusual, but it was nice. It was nice to start with some meaty dialogue sequences."

Producer Michael G. Wilson reinforced comments made at the press conference that this film will feature more action that the previous outing, "In the last film, Daniel was amazing in the action work and this film has more than doubled it. There's a lot of different action sequences. He's had to do a lot more extensive training than he did in the last film".

Craig rounded off the interviews, "We're two or three weeks in and, you know, we've barely started yet. We've barely scratched the surface. I’m loving it, I really am. Who wouldn't?"

Snippets from the B-roll show a fight sequence, Craig undergoing stunt training, and practice sessions for the power boat and stunt driving scenes.

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