The third "Quantum of Solace" video diary includes more B-roll footage from the new James Bond film, including the first look at an aerial dog-fight sequence...

Video Diary (3)
20th March 2008

The third "Quantum of Solace" video diary on MI6 is a three-minute long feature which includes B-roll scenes and gives a sneak peak at filming from Panama with Agent Fields and James Bond on the streets. Some clips from stunt sequences show Bond leaping out of a moving car, and jumping over a bar when shots are fired at Greene's fund-raising party. Felix Leiter, played by Jeffrey Wright, can also be seen. It is also revealed that filming has taken place in Baja California in Mexico where a unit captured shots of planes for an aerial dog-fight.

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Various cast and crew members talk about the filming so far. First up, director Marc Forster talks about the globe-trotting, "the locations are characters themselves. When you choose a location, the location as much as an actor speaks for itself".

Producer Michael G. Wilson discussed the aerial sequence, "We have had them throughout the Bond films, but for this one we wanted to have a kind of retro dogfight. These are propeller planes, not jet planes. It is the type of plane that drug runners would have so it fits the location".

The crew had to take three successive helicopter flights for every trip to the location due to its remote nature. Second unit director Dan Bradley said, "it’s a pretty arduous task. We have aerial cameras. We have got two cameras on an Aerostar and Spacecams on helicopters".

Pilot Skip Evans, who is behind the controls of the DC3 plane, talks about the challenge of flying, "to work this air plane in the bottom of the canyons you have got to be physically strong just to maneuver the air plane".

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