Producer Michael G. Wilson talked recently about the odds of bringing the 22nd James Bond film back to Pinewood, just as the newly rebuilt 007 Stage was reopened...

Producer On Pinewood
20th May 2007

Just after work on Casino Royale had wrapped last July, the world famous 007 Stage was wrecked by fire - again. Like a phoenix from the flames, the stage was rebuilt again and opened for business last month. A few weeks ago, BBC Radio 5 made a special visit to Pinewood Studios to commemorate the rebuilding of the 007 Stage. Amongst the many trips down memory lane during the show, Bond producer Michael G. Wilson talked about the possibility of bringing Bond back to Pinewood next year.

Which of the Bond films makes you most proud?
Well, I think the last one! They are all challenging and they all have their own interesting stories, but I think going back to the original with Casino Royale and bringing Daniel Craig in to the role was an exciting time. I think we pulled it off.

Terrifically so. What was it about Daniel that defines Bond for the 21st century?
I think he's the actor of his generation. He's the Steve McQueen of Britain right now, and he seemed to be just the right age and just the right point in his career to take this on.

Roger Moore gave the role a certain wry-ness, Sean Connery gave it a raw machismo. How would you Daniel Craig's Bond?
He incorporates a lot of elements of the earlier Bond's, but because they all related back to Fleming's character, they all take different impressions of him. I think Daniel comes very close to what Fleming had in mind.

Do you sign the actor to a film-by-film contract, or assign them to a series?
Well once we establish someone in the role we like to keep going with them, and we do intend to make plenty with Daniel. Oh, but you can never say how many at this stage, but surely a lot more. We actually had lunch with him the other day (Tuesday 24th April).

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