Ahead of the cast's arrival in Turkey, the "Skyfall" action unit have been hard at work shooting motorcycle stunts in Istanbul...

Istanbul Stunt Filming

17th April 2012

As MI6 reported earlier this week, production has wrapped in Adana, southern Turkey, where the second unit for "Skyfall" was busy filming a series of impressive stunts onboard moving trains. It was confirmed in a set report from IGN that Turkey will both feature in the film, and double for other locations around the globe. MI6 understands that this 'doubling' constitutes much of the work in Adana.

Now, 007's production crew have been spotted by Turkish media on location in Istanbul, filming impressive motorcycle stunts across the roofs of the city. James Bond spent time here previously in "The World Is Not Enough" (although Bond star Pierce Brosnan was not required on location) and in "From Russia With Love", where 007 boarded the Orient Express train bound for Venice.

Above: The Skyfall crew prepare for a motorbike stunt atop the roofs of Istanbul.

By the end of April, Daniel Craig, Sam Mendes and the rest of the first unit are expected to be on location in the bustling neighbourhoods of Istanbul. Location work will be carried out in Eminönü Square and action is currently taking place on Bankacilar Avenue, with Aynacilar Street, Sultanhamam, and the Grand Bazaar to follow. The production is said to wrap on location in Turkey by 6th May.

Local shop owners have been recruited to the production to serve as extras. One shopkeeper explained, "We will appear in the film and continue cutting döner during the filming".

Footage has emerged from the Turkish press showing two stunt riders on the roofs of the city. One is clearly doubling for 007. The media report also shows footage of a man standing in the shattered glass of a shop front. This corroborates stories that a small accident occurred during the shooting. Reuters claims that "the stuntman swerved to avoid hitting extras while careering through the Grand Bazaar at high speed". Locals were slightly remiss as the building has particular historical protection and will take extra effort to repair the damage.

Above: Video footage from the shoot, as reported on Turkish TV.