007.com have released a new video diary chronicling Alexander Witt's second unit shoot in China...

Alexander Witt Video Diary

19th April 2012

The latest video diary from 007.com (first released exclusively on Yahoo) takes viewers behind the scenes as the second unit shoots on location in Shanghai and Macau. First AD Michael Lerman speaks about the exciting and exotic locations for which James Bond is renowned before Second Unit Director Alexander Witt explains some of the action captured in Shanghai.

"One of the special things about working on the Bond films is finding just the right location for what the script is calling for. You find a lot of time in pre-production travelling from one location to the next." - Michael Lerman

The nightlife of Shanghai is captured in a sequence that sees James Bond tailing Patrice (Ola Rapace) through the neon-lit streets. The video blog also gives a look at a sequence involving Bond star Daniel Craig at a high-rise bar - a sequence actually staged at Pinewood.