Swedish actor Ola Rapace has spoken about his work on "Skyfall" so far...

Ola Rapace Talks

4th December 2011

Swedish actor Ola Rapace has broken his silence for the first time about his involvement on the new James Bond film "Skyfall". Although he was not initially announced at the launch press conference last month, his casting was confirmed a few days later.

Speaking to local press in his native Sweden, the 39 year-old actor said working on Bond was very enjoyable. "We have had great fun. Bond filming is like a playhouse, you can ride a motorcycle, fighting and shooting automatic weapons and things like that. So it's fun and has been really good."

No details have been revealed about his character, but is probably safe to assume that he plays a henchman to Javier Bardem's villain.

Rapace is more used to the pace and scale of Swedish film and television productions, so it was a very noticeable change of gears to work on major blockbuster. "Everything is bigger than I had thought, it's so much muscle, so much money, so many resources available anywhere. It's crazy really." He noted that there are only a few Hollywood productions that can even match up to a Bond in any given year.


He said he has completed his work on the film for this year, but will come back early next year for more. "I will shoot 007 during March, April and May. So there will be a few more months."