The "Skyfall" Bond girls, Bérénice Marlohe and Naomie Harris, feature in two official video blogs released today...

Bond Girl Videos

29th March 2012

In the next in a series of "Skyfall" video blogs, charting the production of the 23rd James Bond adventure, British born Naomie Harris speaks about her role as the feisty and gun-toating Eve, whilst Bérénice Marlohe talks about her experience of being introduced to the world as the new Bond woman and all that comes with the that role. The videos were first released on (Marlohe) and MSN Movies (Harris).

Marlohe's video also comes with a glimpse at shots that were filmed on location in November 2011.

The video shows Marlohe in character, descending the escalator at Ascot Racecourse in Berkshire, doubling for Shanghai International Airport. The blue airport sign, mocked up by the "Skyfall" art department and first seen in a leaked photo, is present in the background of the shot. In addition, eagle-eyed viewers will note that Marlohe's character, Séverine, surreptitiously hands a briefcase to a mystery man passing her on his way up the escalator.

The video featuring Harris offers a behind the scenes look at the actress training for her action-packed role as Eve.

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