Rory Kinnear talks about reprising his role as MI6 chief of staff Bill Tanner in "Skyfall"...

Rory Kinnear on Tanner

16th November 2011

Although he was not announced at the kick-off press conference for "Skyfall", Rory Kinnear will be reprising his "Quantum of Solace" role as M's chief of staff Bill Tanner in the new film. The London-born actor was spotted when filming started in his home city with Daniel Craig and Judi Dench. Today, Kinnear has confirmed his involvement in an interview with CultBox (click here to read the whole interview).

When asked how early filming was going, Kinnear said, "Great, we’ve just been at Pinewood and around Waterloo and [Smithfields] doing some scenes with myself and Daniel and Judi. I go through to the beginning of February filming and I think they’re on until about April or May."

Above: Rory Kinnear (as Tanner) drives Daniel Craig (James Bond) at "Skyfall" filming in London earlier this month.

Tanner was really only seen by M's side in "Quantum", but his schedule alludes to a larger presence in "Skyfall". "Yes, Tanner gets a bit more facetime this time," he confirmed. "[The part] is a bit more beefed-up. He’s basically performing the same role but there’s a bit more of him."

As Kinnear was originally only contracted for "Quantum", he was not sure if he would make a comeback at all, let alone increased screen time. This latest screen incarnation of Tanner has drifted quite far from that of the original Ian Fleming novels, where he was the closest James Bond had to a friend. But that's not to say the relationship between the two characters will be stagnant. "The Tanner of Quantum of Solace wasn’t really the Tanner of the books, so I guess it’s a new kind of role. He’s not the same age as Bond, as I think he is in the books, but I think in this film their relationship does develop," Kinnear explained.

Above: Rory Kinnear and Dame Judi Dench filming "Quantum of Solace" in early 2008.