English actress Naomie Harris has been officially acknowledged as being in talks for a role in the 23rd James Bond film...

Naomie Harris In Talks

6th June 2011

It appeared to start out as a tabloid rumour in the News of the World this Sunday, but a germ of truth has emerged from the story that Naomie Harris may play a role in the 23rd James Bond film.

The 34 year-old London born actress is best known to moviegoers for her role as Tia Dalma in two "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies after making her breakthrough in the Danny Boyle dystopian horror "28 Days Later".

ECForde tipped MI6 that during UK publicity interviews for her critically acclaimed movie "The First Grader” this weekend, she confirmed that she has been talking with Bond 23 producers about a part but wouldn’t reveal for which role or whether she has accepted or not.

A spokesperson for EON Productions later confirmed to EW that Harris has indeed met with the filmmakers, although no deals have yet been struck.


Above: Naomie Harris

MI6 Confidential magazine editor Hugh Maddocks, who recently released a Bond Girls Special issue, was surprised that rumours of the casting discussions were officially acknowledged so swiftly. "It's refreshing for elements of the casting process to be confirmed this early on. For the last two films [Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace], the leading Bond girls were signed up days after cameras had actually started rolling on principal photography. Although there is no intel on whether Harris has been in talks about the major Bond Girl role, I think it's safe to assume the part under consideration would be quite significant."

After graduating from Cambridge University with a degree in social and political science, Harris studied acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She has continued to vary her career with a mix of stage, television and big budget blockbuster productions such as "Miami Vice". Harris is currently playing Elizabeth Lavenza in Danny Boyle's production of of Frankenstein for the National Theatre.

It would be the first time that Harris has worked with either director Sam Mendes or 007 star Daniel Craig. Shooting on Bond 23 is expected to start late this year, for release in the UK on October 26th, 2012.