Video and pictures from Adana, Turkey, where the second unit is busy preparing a motorcycle jump stunt...

Turkey Stunt Filming

19th March 2012

Whilst most fans attention has been on Hankley Common in Surrey and the filming of Skyfall Manor, the "Skyfall" second unit has been busy preparing a stunt sequence in Adana, Turkey.

Preparations for the previously rumoured motorcycle jump and train stunt are well under way with local roads and a pedestrian bridge having to be closed to accommodate filming. As the photographs show, a large crane is being used to assist the bike jump. Also spotted was the Land Rover Defender and damaged VW Beetles.

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Shooting of the stunt sequence will continue in Adana until March 26th.

Local grocery store owner Murat Aras said, "The filming has been very good to me. Sales were a little bit more than usual. I also watch filming live... Jumping off the bridge, the cars crashing. It is exciting."

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