"Skyfall" filming in Surrey wrapped last night in traditional James Bond style...

Surrey Filming Wraps

26th March 2012

It has been one of the most closely guarded plots in the history of James Bond film making, with even the characters names not being fully revealed, but ironically "Skyfall" has also been one of the most reported, blogged and photographed productions due to its heavy use of UK filming locations. No more so than at Hankley Common, where a full scale Scottish manor house was constructed, for reasons which are now obvious to all.

The construction of the house was widely reported in the main-stream media, with spoilers about its relevance to the title, plot and place in Bond lore, revealed earlier in the month. Filming at Hankley Common has now completed with the destruction of the building, shot late last night.

The first unit of "Skyfall" now head to Turkey for location filming in Adana and Istanbul before returning to Pinewood Studios to complete the film by June.

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