Is the title of the 23rd James Bond film "Skyfall"?


5th October 2011

Is the title of the 23rd James Bond film "Skyfall"? If records of website addresses recently acquired by Sony Pictures are anything to go by, it may well be. Thanks to a tip sent to MI6 by 'Gareth', it has been discovered that Sony Pictures registered at least 15 internet domain names using combinations of "Skyfall", "James Bond" and "Film/Movie" just two days ago.

The list of domains registered by Sony Pictures on 3rd October 2011 include:,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

Last time around, fans discovered the title of the 22nd film, "Quantum of Solace", via the very same means when Sony Pictures registered the movie's domain names two days ahead of the reveal press conference.

Daniel Craig has been teasing reporters in recent interviews that Bond 23 does indeed have a title, but gave no further clues at the time. Late last month he left CNN dangling: "So Daniel Craig just told me they are starting the next James Bond film and it's got a title but he wouldn't tell me it," their reporter tweeted.

One-word titles are amongst some of the best loved in the James Bond series, and "Skyfall" would be in the company of "Goldfinger", "Thunderball", "Moonraker", "Octopussy" and "GoldenEye". It would be the first James Bond movie title to start with 'S', and also be the first original non-Ian Fleming title since "Die Another Day" almost a decade ago.

There are a few other uses of "Skyfall" in popular culture. It was the name of a Transformers character, the title of the second in the Darklands trilogy of novels by Greg Bridges, and has been registered in August as a US trademark by mobile gaming company ngmoco (but only in the videogames category) for an unannounced title.


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