Bond 23 will no longer be heading to India, with location filming moved to South Africa instead...

India Locations Scrapped

25th September 2011

Plans to shoot scenes for the 23rd James Bond film on location in India have been scrapped, according to the local production company that was to partner with EON Productions in the country. India Take One Productions confirmed to the Times of India newspaper this weekend than EON had sent official notice to them on Thursday (22nd September 2011) that all plans to film Bond 23 in India had been cancelled. Similar notices went to the various Indian ministries. "Bond will not be coming to India," Pravesh Sahni said.

It is understood that long delays in securing vital filming permissions with a myriad of government and railway ministries had scuppered the production plans, and that those sequences will now be transposed to South Africa, which had long been talked about as a backup location for India. In recent weeks, publicists for the South African film industry went as far as to mock the delays and hold-ups with the Indian authorities.

A day after the news was published, India Railways - who were the last to hold out on granting Bond 23 permissions and were making demands such as Daniel Craig becoming brand ambassador - hit back in the press that it wasn't their fault. Chandralekha Mukherjee, executive director, information and publicity, Indian Railways, told the Times of India, "We'd given them all the permissions. They wanted to shoot in the Sabarmati yard and had asked to shoot on two gauges - broad gauge and meter gauge - and they wanted these for seven-hour stretches every day for seven days in a row, and we'd agreed. All had been worked out. They also wanted to shoot between Mumbai and Goa on the hero train, and wanted a special shot where a motorcycle from a bridge would jump on to a train, and the coach on which he'd jump needed to be re-enforced, and we agreed."


"The matter was finalised by September 13. But a week later, we were informed that after an international discussion, the production team decided not to shoot in India. We've been very cooperative with them. We had ourselves hoped that the movie would be shot here," she confirmed.

The major location for Bond 23 will now be South Africa. Other shooting is also expected in Istanbul, where permissions were confirmed earlier this month. MI6 can confirm that the production will be based once again at Pinewood Studios in the UK.