Worth the wait? The first 'Skyfall' teaser poster has been revealed, later in to production than any modern era James Bond film...

Skyfall Teaser Poster

17th May 2012

Almost six months since principal photography began on the film, the first teaser poster for "Skyfall" has finally been revealed. As MI6 reported earlier the in the week, the poster launch was timed to land in the middle of the Cannes Film Festival. The striking black and white image of Daniel Craig as 007 striding towards the camera with the iconic gun barrel graphics behind him was announced on 007.com at 9am GMT.


The first "Casino Royale" teaser poster (below left) was first leaked on the internet in late April, and officially unveiled on May 2nd 2006, after filming started on January 30th 2006. Even quicker was the first teaser poster for "Quantum of Solace", which was unveiled on 7th February 2008, just a few weeks after filming started on January 3rd 2008.