Four Is Not Enough... Pierce Brosnan talked to Showbiz Ireland and revealed that four films is not enough for the man credited with bringing Bond back to the Connery good times.

He also went on to dispel a few of the popular Internet rumours surrounding the production of Bond 20...

Pierce Bronan Interview (November 2001)
November 2001

"Bond 20 starts shooting on January 13th. Contractually that's it. They have me for three with the option for a forth and this is the option. I don't know where it's going to go after this. As for a fifth Bond, I'd like to do one - I've never really got them too tightly about a fifth".

With the Bond-world's attention focussed heavily on Bond 20, the raging speculation about who will replace Brosnan after he reprises his role in his fourth adventure have died away. Is this a tactic to dampen the abundance of names being thrown in ring as the Irish star's successor? Or is Brosnan seriously committing to an earlier quote where he divulged his plans to match Roger Moore's total of seven films? Only the 007 history books will tell.

Returning Home?

"I always think you do the best you can. The last three films have been very successful."

Brosnan went on to talk about his Irish roots and the rampant speculation that his homeland will feature as a Bond 20 location....

"I keep dreaming about living back in Ireland but never get around to doing anything practical about it. But, I am very happy to be back working in Ireland at the moment. Reports that parts of the film will be shot in Ireland are just rumours, unfortunately Ireland will not feature in the next Bond film."