When a new 007 movie is due for release, the Cannes Film festival can't help but get caught up in Bond fever.

Pierce Brosnan flew to Cannes especially for the 40th Anniversary 007 party being held by MTV, as well as using the opportunity to promote the forthcoming film, "Die Another Day"...

Bond At The 2002 Cannes Film Festival
20th May 2002

EON productions were in Cannes in force this year, using the much celebrated film festival to promote the forthcoming 20th instalment of the biggest movie franchise in history.

Pierce Brosnan took a break from the hectic Pinewood filming schedule to visit Cannes, and he brought along the brand new Aston Martin Vanquish.

MTV hosted an exclusive party at near by fashion guru Pierre Cardin's home. The modern structure of concrete domes set in the French hills looked truly Bondian as 1,200 people joined the all night party, and large green lasers drew the 007 logo across the French countryside.

Pierce Brosnan talked to Reuters about the future with the world's favourite film character:

"Would I do another one? I'd do another one, yes."


Brosnan poses for photographers after arriving in style in a speedboat.

The Die Another Day logo on the sea front at Cannes

Brosnan was staying at a luxurious hotel in Cap d'Antibes, a location not far flung from the world of on-screen 007.

"It's the women, the gadgets, the sex, the romance, the fantasy world, the ultimate hero."

"It is an interesting character to live with because he precedes you wherever you go in the world. You are internationally known. It makes travelling very easy,"

A few reporters have recently took a pop at Brosnan, who turned 49 on May 16th, claiming he was getting too old for the role. "You have to give 100 percent every time whether it's your first time or your fourth."

Promoting DAD

Promotion of "Die Another Day" got a huge shot in the arm from the world reported MTV party, as well as the traditional poster display.

The film's logo, first seen on the teaser poster, could not be missed by anyone walking along the sea front. The bold statement was a move away from the tradition of using a display outside the Carlton hotel.


The Cannes Film Festival is as popular as ever in 2002