The second issue of the eagerly-awaited film publication Cinema Retro has arrived and MI6 has had a sneak peek - full details on the James Bond features!

Cinema Retro #2 Sneak Peek
16th May 2005

The second limited edition issue of Cinema Retro magazine is now available and, like the premiere issue, James Bond fans will find it hard to resist. The magazine is the sole publication dedicated to classic and cult films of the 1960s and 1970s.

Published by Dave Worrall and Lee Pfeiffer, authors of the best-selling book “The Essential James Bond”, Cinema Retro is unique among film magazines in that many of the writers are the actors, directors, and producers who actually worked on these films, thus a first-hand experience can be related.

Above: Front and rear cover spread of Cinema Retro issue #2

“Response to the first issue has been very gratifying”, says Pfeiffer. “Every week it seems another major name from the film industry contacts us with an idea or a column they would like to contribute. For example, last November I was having tea with Christopher Lee at Harrods and he showed a keen interest in the magazine. You can imagine my reaction when he said he would like to contribute regular columns”.

Above: Caroline Munro remembers her role in cult classic "Dr. Phibes".

Additionally, Dave Worrall was invited to spend the day with Roger Moore in London and attend a screening of his classic supernatural thriller “The Man Who Haunted Himself”.

The magazine boasts regular columns by notable James Bond alumni. In addition to Christopher Lee, there are rotating columns by Caroline Munro and Richard Kiel. “We’re also very gratified that we not only have a superb staff of talented writers, but that some of the most recognizable names in the film business are reading Cinema Retro”, says Dave Worrall.

The second issue of the magazine features a number of highlights of interest to spy movie fans. Among them:

  • Sir Christopher Frayling provides exclusive excerpts from his interviews with production designer Ken Adam in which the making of Dr. No is discussed in detail.
  • Bond book author Tim Greaves takes a fascinating look at the career of Margaret Nolan, the topless model who went on to become the Golden Girl scene in the main titles of “Goldfinger”- as well as appearing briefly as the well-endowed Dink in the same film.
  • James Bond novelist Raymond Benson continues his reviews of classic films with an article about the ten best movies of 1961.
  • Cinema Retro spent a day in London with Roger Moore and reports on his audience Q&A for “The Man Who Haunted Himself”
  • Part two of an exclusive interview with producer Euan Lloyd, covering the filming of “Shalako” with Sean Connery and Bardot.
  • Roger Moore biographer Gareth Owen continues his columns on films shot at Pinewood Studios over the years.
Above: Sean Connery as James Bond enduring Dr No's tortuous air conditioning - another great Sir ken Adam vision.

Other highlights of this issue offer a wide array of interest to movie fans. They include:

Above: Margaret Nolan - the "other Golden Girl"
  • “Man From U.N.C.L.E” fans will enjoy exclusive coverage of the London tribute to Robert Vaughn at the National Film Theatre last November. There are also extensive reviews of the U.N.C.L.E CD scores released by Film Score Monthly. The back cover also features rare poster art from “The Spy With My Face”.
  • An exclusive sneak peak at the forthcoming California tribute to the westerns of Sergio Leone- the largest tribute ever devoted to a single director.
  • In-depth reviews of the new MGM special edition DVDs of “Fistful of Dollars”, “For a Few Dollars More” and “Duck You Sucker”
  • A provocative and often surprising interview with gadfly director Michael Winner about the making of his erotic horror film “The Nightcomers” with Marlon Brando.
  • The secrets of the makeup men who worked on Hammer horror classics
  • The making of the classic films “The Dam Busters” and the Titanic epic “A Night to Remember”
  • A tribute to the career of “B” surfer movie star Aaron Kincaid

Cinema Retro is a 64 page, full colour magazine available by special order through the company’s web site at

Individual issues are available for sale, but subscribers get exclusive benefits including a limited edition CD of rare original American radio spots for films of the era.


Above: Sean Connery roughs it out in "Shalako"

Images courtesy Cinema Retro. NOTICE: Cinema Retro contains erotic photos and subject matter. It is intended for adult readers only.