A new fragrance for men will be launched next month to celebrate 007's fifty years on the silver screen...

Update: Limited Edition Gold 007 Fragrance details.

007 Fragrance

29th July 2012 / 5th November 2012

As MI6 first revealed back in June last year, there will be a new fragrance released this year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of James Bond on the silver screen. Harking back to similar products thrust upon the public during the heights of Bond Fever in the mid 1960s, the men's aftershave created by P&G will be simply dubbed '007'.

According to advertising trade papers, the fragrance is "an aromatic feugere with notes of fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver. The backbone contains lavender, moss and coumarin."

Bill Brace, vice president of fashion brands for P&G Prestige, said: "The aromatic feugere fragrance family came to prominence in the Sixties - it was unmistakably masculine - mossy and ferny. But that was a while ago, so we wanted to move it on and give it much more modern and sophisticated shell, which is why there's fresh apple, cardamom, sandalwood and vetiver." The target audience is also younger, for "guys in their 20s and 30s who love Bond, who love adventure, gadgets, travel and being a man's man with style and sophistication."

The last time the famous spy inspired perfumery was when Avon launched a fragrance called Bond Girl 007 in 2008, followed by a spicier flanker, Bond Girl 007 Forever in 2009.

The 007 fragrance will debut in Harrods in London next month.

Limited Edition Gold 007 Fragrance
The refined masculinity and inimitable demeanor associated with the icon that is James Bond has been celebrated for fifty years. An encapsulation of all that is daring and desirable, Bond has captured the imagination of men - and the hearts of women - the world over since the inception of the Bond film franchise.

In celebration of half a century of wit and audacity, the essence of Bond has been bottled with the creation of the official James Bond fragrance for men: 007. Capturing Bond's spirit and style with a dangerously sophisticated cologne, this male fragrance is an homage to his cultivated charm and confidence. This season, the golden anniversary is marked with the introduction of limited edition deluxe golden bottles. Each bottle of 007 Gold Limited Edition exemplifies Bond's impeccable finesse, offering a refined gold skin that is understated and luxurious.

Behind the Scenes
Bond set photographer Greg Williams has shot the television commercial.

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