Christies will be auctioning several lots of rare production items from the 1995 film "GoldenEye", including storyboards of unshot sequences...

GoldenEye Production Items Auction
4th December 2007

On December 19th 2007, Christies will be auctioning several lots of rare production items from the 1995 film "GoldenEye". The "Film & Entertainment Memorabilia" event will take place in South Kensington.

Lot 0094: Seven collages of watercolour, pen and ink production drawings for various timing devices and detonators, Q's "Taffy Gun", A Portable Air Bottle, and Electronic Firing Key, mounted on black card, each signed by artist Syd Cain and titled GoldenEye. Apparently the special effects 'Taffy Gun' was devised for Q's workshop scene in GoldenEye. However, it was deemed to be too dangerous for use in filming as not only did the gun fire quick-hardening polystyrene which solidified on contact; its trajectory wasn't accurate enough to ensure the safety of the stunt man it would have been fired at.

Lot 0095: Seven production drawings, each watercolour, graphite, pen and ink -- three collages, each a scene of the Russian satellite in space, each signed by Syd Cain.

Lot 0096: 16 storyboard watercolour, graphite, pen and ink drawings, depicting a tank and train action sequence, all mounted on black card with four drawings to each mount, each card with occasional annotations throughout; accompanied by a graphite, pen and ink drawing of the train. According to the vendor, the scenes detailed in these storyboards were never put into production as they would have been too costly to reproduce.

Lot 0097: Five production drawings, majority watercolour, graphite, pen and ink, each depicting a train action sequence set on a bridge over a deep ravine, majority signed by Syd Cain.

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