Rarely seen concept artwork for the unmade James Bond movie "Warhead" is amongst the 007 memorabilia up for auction this month...

007 Memorabilia Auction - November 2009 (1)
18th November 2009

Famous auction house Christie's in London will be hosting a Vintage Film Posters and Film Memorabilia event on 24th November 2009 from noon at 85 Old Brompton Road, London. Amongst the 454 lots on offer are several interesting James Bond items. Aside from a wide-range of classic movie posters, there are several 007 lots that will interest fans, including concept artwork and props.

Lot 455 - James Bond Warhead, 1978 - Maurice George Carter (1913-2000)
Very rare original concept artwork, watercolour, titled on mount, Int. Statue of Liberty. Underground Chamber 'BOND', artwork signed and dated M.G. Carter. 78; the artwork depicts a chamber containing a dock within which there is a submarine, and a robot 'Hammerhead' shark hanging above on a simple pulley-system -- overall - 22x16in. (56x41cm.), sight 17.5x10.5in. (44x27cm.) framed

Lot 462 - Goldeneye, 1995 - Derek Meddings (1935-1995)
Five original concept drawings from the James Bond film GoldenEye, pastel on cartridge paper, three signed and dated Derek Meddings 95; each drawing depicts a different stage of the scene where the satellite begins to burn up and ultimately explodes on re-entry into the earth's atmosphere - four - 19x13in. (48x33cm.), one - 18x12in. (46x30cm.) (5)

Lot 450 - The Man With The Golden Gun, 1974
Two custom-made triggers for Francisco Scaramanga's golden gun, the gilt triggers made to resemble cufflinks with twin tapering panels, each with one sprung panel, each - 1in. (2.5cm.) long -- made for the 1974 United Artists/Eon Productions' film The Man With The Golden Gun (2)

Lot - 453 The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977 - Derek Meddings (1935-1995)
Five original special effects concept drawings from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, marker pen on tracing paper (one pencil), each signed by Derek Meddings; three drawings depict the Rocket Firing Sequence - missile leaving Silo and contain handwritten instructions explaining the filming rig's concept and set up; one drawing titled Rig For Sinking Tanker with handwritten instructions explaining how to realistically sink the tanker; one drawing titled Submarine Towing Rig with handwritten instructions detailing the mechanics needed to realistically pull a submarine through water, all -- 16x12in. (40x30 cm.), one drawing 15x12in. (38x30cm.) (5)

Lot 454 - The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977 - Derek Meddings (1935-1995)
Three original special effects concept drawings from the James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me, marker pen and ink on tracing paper, each signed by Derek Meddings; The first drawing depicts his concept for the sequence of Bond emerging from the sea in his Lotus Esprit, with additional handwritten annotations explaining the mechanism for pulling the car up the beach; two drawings detail the mechanics needed to convincingly drive a car over a cliff to ultimately crash into the roof of a house, using a ramp and crane to create the effect -- all 16x12in. (40x30cm.) (3)

Lot 456 - For Your Eyes Only, 1981 - Derek Meddings (1935-1995)
Three original special effects concept drawings of the opening sequence to the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only, each signed by Derek Meddings; two drawings, ink/pencil on tracing paper, depict th 'Universal Exports' helicopter entering/exiting a derelict warehouse, additional handwritten instructions explain the shoot's set-up; the third drawing, on paper, depicts how the cameraman should film the sequence where Bond, after taking control of the Helicopter, lifts the wheelchair bound baddie using the helicopter's skids; accompanied by six unpublished colour photographs showing the sequence being shot -- drawings - 16x12in. (40x30 cm.) (9)

Lot 459 - Never Say Never Again, 1983
A collection of storyboards, paperwork and photographs relating to different scenes from the 1983 James Bond film, Never Say Never Again, to include: a collection of paperwork and photographs relating to stunt doubles used in a horse riding scene; two oversized technical dyeline drawings for Bond's gadget XT7B Personal missile/Rocket transport; three dyeline drawings for a cruise missile; and a folder containing a six single page storyboards with original artwork additions and a quantity of mimeographed storyboards detailing the cruise missile launch sequence - various sizes (Q)

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