Mattel have launched wave two of their new collectible doll line celebrating the Bond Girls - "Barbie Loves Bond"...

Barbie Loves Bond - Wave 2

22nd August 2010

Mattel have launched a new line celebrating the Bond Girls - "Barbie Loves Bond" - under their 'black label' for the adult collector. "Gorgeous, smart, and intriguingly named, the Bond Girls made each 007 movie more exciting. Some were fellow agents or allies, others a villainess. Forever alluring, each Bond Girl joined an exclusive club of extraordinary women." Each Bond Girl doll stands about 11 1/2-inches tall and is designed by Linda Kyaw. Wave 2 includes Solitaire and Octopussy.

Live And Let Die Barbie Doll
Live and Let Die finds James Bond working with Solitaire, a lovely Tarot card reader and seer. Dressed in a stylish multi-colored, printed gown with butterfly details, Live and Let Die™ Barbie® doll is sure to steal your heart. Upswept hair, and detailed face paint add to this Bond girl’s mysterious magnitude.


Year: 2010
Black Label™
Barbie® Loves Bond Collection
Product Code: T4551

Octopussy Barbie Doll
Intelligent and alluring, Bond girls are forever making James Bond’s missions all the more exciting. In Octopussy, James Bond meets beautiful smuggler and circus owner, Octopussy. Octopussy™ Barbie® doll pays tribute to this Favorite Bond Girl, dressed in a belted, white robe featuring a striking octopus graphic on the back. Her mane of luscious brunette locks and sultry face paint capture plenty of attitude. Oh so alluring!


Year: 2010
Black Label™ Collection
Barbie® Loves Bond Collection
Product Code: T4550

Set of 'Live And Let Die' and 'Octopussy' Barbie Dolls (contains two Octopussy figures)
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