James Bond will be back on Blu-Ray in November this year with six selected titles, with the rest due in 2009...

James Bond On Blu-Ray
5th June 2008

News that the James Bond library of movies is to be released on Blu-Ray should be of no surprise to fans or industry watchers alike. With Sony's grip on the two Daniel Craig films through their part-ownership of MGM, and the high-definition disc war well and truly over, it was only a matter of time before 007 popped up on Blu-Ray.

A French movie site first landed a leak that a small selection of 007 outings would be making their way to Blu-Ray later this year to coincide with the theatrical debut of the new film "Quantum of Solace".

The original list of six titles included "GoldenEye" and "Tomorrow Never Dies", but these were substituted by MGM shortly after the news broke out.

Fox France confirmed the lineup for release on November 5th 2008 (click links for the previous Ultimate Edition DVD release):

Although the news via Fox France is only relevant to that country, it is expected that these Blu-Ray releases will cover the USA and Europe in or around the same time frame.


Above: Casino Royale on Blu-Ray

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MI6 understands that special features will be identical to last year's Ultimate Edition DVDs, but some of the bonus material is being reconstituted from original footage to make the most of the high-def format. According to sources, the film transfer will be taken from the 4k digital restorations made for the Ultimate Edition release.

Casino Royale is to date the only 007 movie released on the Blu-Ray format. It was the best-selling Blu-Ray title in 2007 and was awarded live-action title of the year.

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