MI6 previews the new "Dangerous Liaisons" James Bond trading cards from Rittenhouse, including a complete checklist...

"Dangerous Liaisons" Preview & Checklist
21st February 2006

Rittenhouse Archives is pleased to announce that Ursula Andress, one of the most famous Bond Girls for her portrayal of Honey Ryder in the original 007 film Dr. No.

Andress will be among the many stars signing autographs as part of the “James Bond: Dangerous Liaisons” Trading Card collection.

The new series is scheduled for release on February 1, 2006. Each box of these all-new, limited edition cards will contain at least 2 hand-signed autograph cards.


Other autograph card signers include some of the most memorable Bond actors from across all 20 films, including...

Ursula Andress in "Dr. No" John Bowe in "The Living Daylights"
Famke Janssen in "GoldenEye" Earl Cameron in "Thunderball"
Yaphet Kotto in "Live and Let Die" Nadim Sawahla in "The Spy Who Loved Me"
Maud Adams in "Octopussy" Joe Robinson in "Diamonds Are Forever"
Alan Cumming in "GoldenEye"
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa in "Licence To Kill"
Britt Ekland in "The Man With The Golden Gun" Don Stroud in "Licence To Kill"
Denise Richards in "The World Is Not Enough" Goldie in "The World Is Not Enough"
Timothy Moxon in "Dr. No" Jenny Hanley in "On Her Majesty's Secret Service"
Lana Wood in "Diamonds Are Forever" Lynn-Holly Johnson in "For Your Eyes Only"
Kristina Wayborn in "Octopussy" Robert Davi in "Licence To Kill"
Tania Mallet in "Goldfinger" Madeline Smith in "Live and Let Die"
Tanya Roberts in "A View To A Kill"
...and More!

This set will also feature the return of the fifteen new BOND GIRLS ARE FOREVER CARDS and twenty new BOND VILLAINS chase cards as well as the new addition of THE ART & IMAGES OF 007 CARDS where each of the 20 cards is printed on canvas stock and numbered to 500 each!

As a bonus, each case will come with an exclusive case-topper costume card featuring the ski jacket worn by Roger Moore as James Bond in "A View to A Kill". For every two cases purchased, you will receive an exclusive costume card featuring the dress worn by Halle Berry as Jinx in "Die Another Day".

Each box of “James Bond: Dangerous Liaisons” Trading Cards will contain 40 packs with a suggested retail price of $2.10 per pack and $84.00 per box. Each pack will contain 5 cards. The 110-card base set will feature the pairs of key characters from among all 20 Bond films.

Fans and collectors will also be to store their collections in a custom designed collector's album, which will retail for $39.99, and contains 15 plastic sheets plus an exclusive autograph card of George Baker as Sir Hilary Bray (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service) and an exclusive promo card.



Set Configuration
110 Base Cards
5 Cards Per Pack
40 Packs Per Box
12 Boxes Per Case
SRP: $2.10 per pack
SRP: $84.00 per box
SRP: $39.99 per album

"Dangerous Liaisons" Checklist

Card # Card Title
001 Dr. No
002 Dr. No
003 Dr. No
004 Dr. No
005 Dr. No
006 Dr. No
007 Dr. No
008 Dr. No
009 From Russia With Love
010 From Russia With Love
011 From Russia With Love
012 From Russia With Love
013 From Russia With Love
014 From Russia With Love
015 From Russia With Love
016 Goldfinger
017 Goldfinger
018 Goldfinger
019 Goldfinger
020 Goldfinger
021 Goldfinger
022 Thunderball
023 Thunderball
024 Thunderball
025 Thunderball
026 Thunderball
027 Thunderball
028 Thunderball
029 You Only Live Twice
030 You Only Live Twice
031 You Only Live Twice
032 You Only Live Twice
033 You Only Live Twice
034 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
035 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
036 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
037 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
038 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
039 Diamonds Are Forever
040 Diamonds Are Forever
041 Diamonds Are Forever
042 Diamonds Are Forever
043 Diamonds Are Forever
044 Diamonds Are Forever
045 Live And Let Die
046 Live And Let Die
047 Live And Let Die
048 Live And Let Die
049 Live And Let Die
050 Live And Let Die
051 Live And Let Die
052 The Man With The Golden Gun
053 The Man With The Golden Gun
054 The Man With The Golden Gun
055 The Man With The Golden Gun
056 The Man With The Golden Gun
057 The Man With The Golden Gun
058 The Man With The Golden Gun
059 The Spy Who Loved Me
060 The Spy Who Loved Me
061 The Spy Who Loved Me
062 The Spy Who Loved Me
063 The Spy Who Loved Me
064 Moonraker
065 Moonraker
066 Moonraker
067 Moonraker
068 Moonraker
069 For Your Eyes Only
070 For Your Eyes Only
071 For Your Eyes Only
072 Octopussy
073 Octopussy
074 Octopussy
075 Octopussy
076 A View To A Kill
077 A View To A Kill
078 A View To A Kill
079 A View To A Kill
080 The Living Daylights
081 The Living Daylights
082 The Living Daylights
083 Licence To Kill
084 Licence To Kill
085 GoldenEye
086 GoldenEye
087 GoldenEye
088 GoldenEye
089 GoldenEye
090 GoldenEye
091 GoldenEye
092 Tomorrow Never Dies
093 Tomorrow Never Dies
094 Tomorrow Never Dies
095 Tomorrow Never Dies
096 Tomorrow Never Dies
097 Tomorrow Never Dies
098 The World Is Not Enough
099 The World Is Not Enough
100 The World Is Not Enough
101 Die Another Day
102 Die Another Day
103 Die Another Day
104 Die Another Day
105 Die Another Day
106 Die Another Day
107 Die Another Day
108 Checklist
109 Checklist
110 Checklist
BOND ALLIES CARDS (1:10 packs)
BA01 Felix Leiter
BA02 Quarrel
BA03 Kerim Bey
BA04 Paula Caplan
BA05 Tiger Tanaka
BA06 Henderson
BA07 Willard Whyte
BA08 Sheriff J.W. Pepper
BA09 General Gogol
BA10 Manuela
BA11 Milos Columbo
BA12 Vijay
BA13 Sir Godfrey Tibbett
BA14 General Leonid Pushkin
BA15 Kamran Shah
BA16 General Ourumov
BA17 Jack Wade
BA18 Valentin Zukovsky
F21 Professor Dent
F22 Red Grant
F23 Oddjob
F24 Vargas
F25 Mr. Osato
F26 Irma Bunt
F27 Mr. Wint-Mr. Kidd
F28 Baron Samedi
F29 Nick Nack
F30 Naomi
F31 Jaws
F32 Emile Locque
F33 Gobinda
F34 General Orlov
F35 Brad Whitaker
F36 Dario
F37 Boris Grishenko
F38 Stamper
F39 Renard
F40 Cigar Girl
BG30 Miss Taro
BG31 Kerim Bey's Woman
BG32 Aki
BG33 Helga Brandt
BG34 Ruby Bartlett
BG35 Plenty O'Toole
BG36 Miss Caruso
BG37 Rosie Carver
BG38 Andrea Anders
BG39 Corinne Dufour
BG40 Bibi Dahl
BG41 Magda
BG42 May Day
BG43 Pola Ivanova
BG44 Professor Bergstrom
BG45 Dr. Molly Warmflash
THE ART & IMAGES OF 007 CARDS (1:40 packs)
AR01 Dr. No
AR02 From Russia With Love
AR03 Goldfinger
AR04 Thunderball
AR05 You Only Live Twice
AR06 On Her Majesty's Secret Service
AR07 Diamonds Are Forever
AR08 Live And Let Die
AR09 The Man With The Golden Gun
AR10 The Spy Who Loved Me
AR11 Moonraker
AR12 For Your Eyes Only
AR13 Octopussy
AR14 A View To A Kill
AR15 The Living Daylights
AR16 Licence to Kill
AR17 GoldenEye
AR18 Tomorrow Never Dies
AR19 The World Is Not Enough
AR20 Die Another Day
AUTOGRAPH CARDS (1:20 packs)
Britt Ekland (Limited)
Lynn-Holly Johnson (Very Limited)
Yaphet Kotto (Very Limited)
Jenny Hanley
Robert Davi
Madeline Smith (Limited)
Tanya Roberts
Timothy Moxon
Alan Cumming (Very Limited)
Maud Adams (as Octopussy in Octopussy) (Very Limited)
Maud Adams (as Andrea Anders in The Man With The Golden Gun) (Very Limited)
Famke Janssen (Very Limited)
Lana Wood (Limited)
Tania Mallet
John Bowe
Kristina Wayborn (Very Limited)
A37 Goldie (40th Anniv. Style)
A50 Jenny Hanley (40th Anniv. Style)
A59 Earl Cameron (40th Anniv. Style)
A60 Nadim Sawahla (40th Anniv. Style)
A61 Joe Robinson (40th Anniv. Style)
A62 Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (40th Anniv. Style)
A64 Don Stroud (40th Anniv. Style)
WA19 Ursula Andress (Women of Bond Style) (Very Limited)
WA26 Maud Adams (Women of Bond Style) (Very Limited)
WA28 Lana Wood (Women of Bond Style) (Limited)
WA29 Tanya Roberts (Women of Bond Style)
WA30 Denise Richards (Women of Bond Style) (Limited)
CC4 Roger Moore
(1 card for every 2 cases purchased)
CC6 Halle Berry as Jinx Costume Card
(1 card for every 6 cases purchased)
Roger Moore Autograph Card
A67 George Baker as Sir Hilary Bray in On Her Majesty's Secret Service
P1 General Distribution
P2 Non-Sport Update Magazine
P3 Album Exclusive
UK United Kingdom Distribution