MI6 reports from the 2008 UK Toy Fair and unveils exclusive details on new range of James Bond toys and gadgets to be released by Corgi...

New 007 Toys & Gadgets 2008
13th February 2008

MI6 attended the 2008 UK Toy Fair to witness the unveiling of a new line of James Bond products by long-time licensee Corgi. The company will continue its strong tradition of producing highly collectible scale model die-cast vehicles, and has expanded its 007 line this year with exciting new items.
New Corgi Action Figures
New Corgi Cars 2008

As part of their wider licensing agreement, Corgi will be launching a line of James Bond toys and gadgets to tie-in with the release of "Quantum of Solace" in November 2008. MI6 secured the first look at the toys and gadgets that could be hitting the stores later this year. These products are aimed at a varied audience and will be priced in three tiers. As these items are still to go in to production and approved by Danjaq, details are subject to change.

The line-up will be branded "007 Mission Arsenal" and released in September 2008.

  • Secret Sender Cell Phones - send messages between the two devices
  • MP3 Comlink Set - send MP3 audio tracks between the two devices
  • Nano Surveillance camera
  • GPS Tracker - comprised of two items: a handheld tracker screen which lets you find the bug device
  • Crypto Decoder Device - encrypts text on two cards supplied with device so that you can swap secret messages with friends
  • Ultra Sound Locator - flashlight
  • Pen Set - write secret messages with the pen so that they can only be read using the cigar cutter UV light

GPS Hideout Tracker
- Remotely track your target's activities from room to room
- 4 IR motion detectors send signals back to base
- Base unit features LED read-out to indicate zone intrusions
- Includes: 4 motion detectors and 1 master GPS tracking unit

Voice Activated Briefcase
- Voice recognition locking mechanism
- Removable LED flashlight
- Embossed metal case
- Slots in case for other Mission Arsenal components
- Secure compartment with whiteboard message board
- RRP £29.99 ($60 USD)

Licence Renewed
Back in August 2007, Corgi International Limited announced that it entered into a Master Toy & Collectible Replica agreement with EON Productions. The agreement for the James Bond classic movie archive runs through 2010 and includes the forthcoming 22nd James Bond movie due for release in 2008 and subsequent movies released during the course of the term. This worldwide agreement will allow Corgi International to release both mass market product ranges as well as core collectibles on innovative product lines that include, Action Figures, Vehicles, Electronic Roleplay, Die Cast, High Specification Remote Control released under the Popco brand and High end Replicas released under the world renowned Master Replicas branding, amongst other items in varying scales and formats.

Corgi International CEO Michael Cookson commented, "Corgi has had a long association with the James Bond license, and as a licensee for over 40 years on Die Cast, we truly believe that we have reached an agreement where we can use our expertise in both the mass and collectibles markets to release products to a fan base that is both core and aspirational, something that most people believe James Bond to be. Our product range will commence before the movie release in 2008 with classic movie product and replicas and continue with some strong and innovative mass market lines, and we are proud to continue our association with such a franchise."

Keith Snelgrove, SVP Global Business Strategy for EON Productions, also commented "We pride ourselves in the long-standing business relationships we have with many of our James Bond franchise partners. Corgi has been with us since the beginning, and we are excited to see the new range of both toys and prop replicas that Corgi International will bring to market in conjunction with our next film and beyond."

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