Corgi celebrate selling over 7 million units worldwide of the Aston Martin DB5 diecast model made famous by James Bond...

Corgi Celebrates 007 Million Record
8th November 2007

Earlier this year Corgi International presented executives at EON Productions with a unique one-of-a-kind Corgi presentation plaque to commemorate record breaking sales exceeding 7 million units of their iconic Aston Martin DB5 die-cast model (pictured opposite & below).

Since the initial launch of model #261 in 1965 the Corgi DB5 has undergone some refinements and has seen several incarnations, but still remains popular with fans of all ages and can still be found in stores across the globe.


Above: The unique Corgi presentation plaque produced to commemorate sales exceeding 7,000,000 units worldwide.

Corgi International has enjoyed a unique Partnership with EON Productions and the James Bond Franchise, for over 40 years, one of the longest running licensing relationships in toy history.

Bringing things right up to date Corgi recently signed a new Worldwide Master Toy and Collectible license with EON. The agreement runs through 2010 and includes the James Bond classic movie archive, the as yet untitled James Bond Film #22 due for release in 2008, and any other movies released during its term.

Above: The original 1965 Corgi Aston Martin DB5 model #261

This worldwide agreement will allow Corgi International to develop and release an innovative range of both mass market products and collectibles including: Action Figures, Vehicles, Electronic Roleplay, Die Cast, High Specification Remote Control and High end Replicas.

Above: The component parts of the original Corgi model

Aston Martin DB5 Facts

  • The Corgi James Bond Aston Martin DB5 Model #261 first went on sale in 1965 with a retail price of 9s 11d (approx 50p)
  • In the real world Aston Martin only produced a total of 1209 actual DB5’s between 1963 and 1965. 123 of these were convertible and just 65 were the ultra-rare performance ‘Vantage’ model.
  • The ‘sticker price’ of a new DB5 at an Aston Martin dealership in 1963 was £4248
  • One of the 4 original Aston Martin’s used in the filming of both Goldfinger and Thunderball and complete with working special features fetched in excess of £1 Million when it was auctioned in 2006