World renowned model makers Corgi are about to launch their most definitive collection of James Bond vehicles..

Corgi Launch "Director's Cut" Series
22nd July 2003

Following the success of the 40th Anniversary collection of James Bond model vehicles back in 2002, Corgi have been licensed to create a special new collection of the most loved vehicles from the films.

Director's Cut

"The Director's Cut" series comprises of 10 new models with new features, and in some cases, models of the drivers too.


All models are 1:36 scale and highly detailed, featuring the high tech gadgetry that made the full size versions so popular.


Now Pay Attention 007

The range includes the Jaguar XKR and Aston Martin Vanquish from "Die Another Day". The Vanquish has machine guns on each side of the bonnet whilst the XKR sports a gatling gun on the rear of the car and Zao figure. Both cars also feature spiked snow tyres, full body decoration and detailed interiors.

Images courtesy Corgi Classics

Another highlight is the classic Aston Martin DB5 from Goldfinger, which includes a working ejector seat, rear bulletproof screen and a tyre shredder built into the rear wheel of the car. Also from Goldfinger is the yellow and black Rolls Royce III Sedance De Ville which comes complete with Odd Job figure.

With the gyrocopter, BMWs Z3, 750i and Z8 and the two Lotuses, one the underwater variety from "The Spy Who Loved Me", this is a collection set to make the cut with Bond fans the world over.

The Director's Cut will be available later this month priced 11.99.

MI6 will have more details on this stunning collection later this month.


Collecting Data

Model Vehicle Film
CC07603 Jaguar XKR & Zao Figure "Die Another Day"
CC07503 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish "Die Another Day"
CC05004 BMW Z8 "The World Is Not Enough"
CC05104 BMW 750i "Tomorrow Never Dies"
CC04904 BMW Z3 & Figures "GoldenEye"
CC04704 Lotus Turbo "For Your Eyes Only"
CC04512 Lotus Underwater "The Spy Who Loved Me"
CC04602 Gyrocopter & Bond Figure "You Only Live Twice"
CC04306 Aston Martin DB5 & Figures "Thunderball"
CC06803 Rolls Royce & Oddjob Figure "Goldfinger"

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