To celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth, Queen Anne Press is publishing his complete works in limited edition hardback...

Queen Anne Press 007 Novels
24th June 2008

To celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth Queen Anne Press is publishing an edition of his complete works. There are eighteen volumes: all the James Bond novels, plus Thrilling Cities, The Diamond Smugglers, Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang and Talk of the Devil. The last is a collection of rarely seen material, some of it unpublished, the title being chosen from a list drawn up by Fleming himself. Where applicable the books contain explanatory comments written by Fleming in the flyleaves of his personal copies. No such edition has been published before.

Above: From Russia With Love

Four very special and strictly limited categories are available, all bound by Shepherds, Sangorski & Sutcliffe:

1) 26 sets, lettered A-Z, bound to the highest possible specification. To include diamonds, gold leaf, pieces of eight (rather, pieces of two), gilt-edges and handmade watermarked endpapers. Individual slipcases. M & Q £18,000, otherwise PRICE: £14,000

2) 30 sets as above but lettered according to the Russian alphabet. M to be auctioned for charity, otherwise PRICE: £14,000

3) 100 sets numbered 001-100. Based on Fleming’s own design for a limited edition of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Vellum spines, titles stamped in red gold on grey shadow, black cloth boards, gilt-edges, handmade stamped endpapers. Individual slipcases. 007 to be auctioned for charity, otherwise PRICE: £6,000

4) 250 sets numbered I-CCL. Bound in cloth, bearing a leather plaque on the spine, the front stamped in gold with the recipient’s initials. Gilt edges, specially printed endpapers. Individual slipcases. PRICE 2,000.

Above: Diamonds Are Forever

Details may alter but the above gives a broad picture of how the edition will look. All enquiries to [email protected]

Queen Anne Press was created in 1951 by Lord Kemsley, proprietor of the Sunday Times, to publish the works of notable contemporary authors. In 1952, as a wedding present to his then Foreign Editor, he made Ian Fleming its managing director. Fleming remained at the helm until his death in 1964. It was subsequently absorbed by the Maxwell empire and became an imprint specialising in sports books. In 2007 it was acquired by Fleming’s literary estate. It is now managed by his niece Kate Grimond and his nephew Fergus Fleming.

Above: For Your Eyes Only

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