Yet to catch a copy of MI6 Confidential? The magazine is offering a special limited time promotion for all four issues released this year...

MI6 Confidential Special Offer
17th November 2011

Are you still to grab a copy of the James Bond magazine MI6 Confidential this year? Now is the perfect chance to get caught up, as MI6 Confidential are offering a 2011 bundle for a limited time. Get all four issues released this year and save on the cover price, plus enjoy combined shipping. Order now to ensure you get your pack well ahead of the Christmas rush.

Get the Bond Girls special (issue 9), a behind the scenes look at "Casino Royale" (issue 10), go on set with the crew of "From Russia With Love" (issue 11) and go inside the "Skyfall" press conference and pre-production (issue 12). Readers in the USA can order through Amazon, and fans worldwide via PayPal.

The MI6 Confidential 'starter pack' is now shipping around the world. To order online, visit

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