MI6 has an exclusive first look at the new customisable "UIltimate James Bond Edition" of the classic board game Monopoly due out later this year...

Ultimate James Bond Edition Monopoly - Sneak Peak
2nd July 2008

Back in July 2006, USAOPOLY released a '007 Collectors Edition' of the popular board game Monopoly to tie-in with the release of "Casino Royale". With Daniel Craig's next adventure as James Bond looming, the company is back with an 'Ultimate James Bond Edition'. What's the big difference? The silly use of film titles on the board in the first version have been replaced with locations from the film series - including the upcoming 22nd adventure.

The set will include tiles for 51 different locations from the films, from "Dr No" to "Quantum of Solace", giving players over one billion different ways to set up the board. The board comes complete with removable and reusable labels, so you can give the game a new spin anytime by selecting which 22 property squares to feature.

Instead of the traditional houses and hotels, 007 themed properties can now be equipped with Guards and Security Systems in incrementally increase their value. The four trains squares are also from the Bond Universe: Orient Express (From Russia With Love), Janus’ Armored Train, Octopussy’s Train (Octopussy), Pendolino Train (Casino Royale). The cards have been renamed Bond Allies and Bond Enemies, and players use a decoder to decipher the directives. Even the board design has had an overhaul, now sporting the iconic gun barrel in black along with images from the films screened in the background.

Made by USAOPOLY under license from Hasbro Properties Group, this edition features six new collectible pewter tokens: Moonraker Shuttle, Octopus, Casino Royale Poker Chip, Zorin’s Airship, Q-Boat, and the Moon Buggy.

Monopoly "Ultimate James Bond" Edition is expected to hit stores in September 2008.

Complete Locations List
Le Cercle, London - Dr. No
Crab Key Dr. No’s Island - Dr. No
SPECTRE Island - From Russia With Love
Gypsy Camp - From Russia With Love
Royal St. Marks Golf Course - Goldfinger
Kentucky Stud Ranch - Goldfinger
Fort Knox - Goldfinger
Palmyra (Largo’s Estate) - Thunderball
Disco Volante - Thunderball
Ninja Training Facility - You Only Live Twice
SPECTRE Volcano Base - You Only Live Twice
Mark Ange Draco’s Estate - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Piz Gloria - On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
The Whyte House - Diamonds Are Forever
Fillet of Soul - Live and Let Die
Kananga’s Lair - Live and Let Die
Scaramanga’s Island - The Man With the Golden Gun
Hai Fat’s Kung Fu Academy - The Man With the Golden Gun
Stromberg’s Sardinia Base - The Spy Who Loved Me
Liparus Tanker - The Spy Who Loved Me
Atlantis - The Spy Who Loved Me
Drax’s Chateau - Moonraker
Amazon Temple HQ - Moonraker
Drax Space Station - Moonraker
Gonzales’ Estate - For Your Eyes Only
St. Cyril’s Monastery - For Your Eyes Only
Octopussy’s Palace - Octopussy
Khan’s Palace - Octopussy
Ascot Racecourse - A View To A Kill
Zorin’s Mine - A View To A Kill
Zorin’s French Estate - A View To A Kill
Kamran Shah’s Desert Fortress - The Living Day Lights
Rock of Gibraltar Base - The Living Day Lights
Whitaker’s HQ -The Living Day Lights
Republic of Isthmus Villa - Licence To Kill
Olimpatec Meditation Institute - Licence to Kill
Severnaya Bunker - GoldenEye
GoldenEye Control Station - GoldenEye
Wai Lin’s Secret Warehouse - Tomorrow Never Dies
Sea Shadow (Stealth Ship)- Tomorrow Never Dies
Carver Media Group Network - Tomorrow Never Dies
Los Organos Gene Therapy Clinic - Die Another Day
Graves’ Plane - Die Another Day
Ice Palace- Die Another Day
Maiden’s Tower - The World Is Not Enough
King Industries Nuclear Facility - The World Is Not Enough
Dimitrios’ Villa - Casino Royale
Casino Royale, Montenegro- Casino Royale
Mr White’s Estate - Casino Royale
Bolivian Desert- Quantum of Solace
Perla De Las Dunas - Quantum of Solace

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