Persol once again equips James Bond with designer sunglasses for Casino Royale, where 007 gets through two pairs - details of limited edition collectors sets...

Persol's Casino Royale Sunglasses
15th January 2007

Persol return to kit James Bond out with the latest designer sunglasses in Casino Royale. In the film, Bond goes through two different models. When 007 first steps off the plane in the Bahamas, he wears a pair with a metal frame (Persol 2244). Whilst in Venice with Vesper Lynd, he switches to a turtle frame (Persol 2720) with green tinted lenses (colour 24/31).

This second set (2720) was chosen as the style for a special limited edition Casino Royale package. The sunglasses come complete with a "Casino Royale Limited Edition" signature on the frame and is packaged in a specially 007 branded case.

Persol only produced 200 units of the set and sold them exclusively through in the USa and Persol's flagship store in Los Angeles, California. If you are unlucky in tracking down a pair of the limited edition sunglasses, Persol are shipping all 2720 models in a Casino Royale branded case.

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