MI6 reports from the 2008 UK Toy Fair and unveils four "Quantum of Solace" racing sets from Scalextric....

Scalextric 007 Racing Sets Unveiled
24th February 2008

Scalextric fans can look forward to some incredible James Bond product releases in 2008.

To celebrate the release of the 22nd James Bond film "Quantum of Solace" later this year, Scalextric will be producing four racing sets - one of which will be a special limited edition.

007's Aston Martin DBS has been confirmed for all four sets, but the 'chase' car has yet to be unveiled.

All the sets are expected to go on sale in Q3 2008. MI6 got an exclusive sneak preview at the recent Toy Fair 2008 in the UK.

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Right: Promo display at Toy Fair 2008


Racing Set (Code: C1220)
Includes super resistant cars - tough enough for full impact racing
Space required 210cm x 140cm, Track length 532cm


Micro Race Set
Code: G1044 (pictured)
Space required 167cm x 126cm
Track length 502cm

Limited Edition Twin Pack
Code: C2922A
James Bond's Aston Martin DBS & Chase Car
Two car limited edition
Second car to be confirmed


Multi-Car Racing With Lane Changing
Code: C1222 (pictured)
Overtaking and blocking
Easy, one button set-up
Race up to four cars (three cars supplied)
Space required 280cm x 140cm
Track length 676cm

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