A new James Bond 007 racing set has been released by Scalextric celebrating the Aston Martin DB5 and DBS...

James Bond Scalextric Set

5th December 2010

Widely recognised as one of the most famous cars of all time, the sleek Aston Martin DB5 became the car of choice for James Bond in "Goldfinger". The DB5, modified by Q, included an ejector seat, machine guns, oil slick emitter, rear window shield and bulletproof glass. The Scalextric model typifies the beauty of this iconic car and includes working gadgets, such as an ejector seat (activated when passing the special trackside bollard) and manually-triggered rear shield. This highly detailed car features working lights, Magnatraction™ and easy change pick-ups.

Scalextric C1254 1:32 Scale James Bond 007 Race Set

The excitement of every iconic Bond car chase is captured in this fantastic set featuring a huge, extended figure-of-eight track which includes a raised bridge section, two exciting crossover curves and a tight hairpin. The Super Resistant Aston Martin DB5 and Aston Martin DBS feature easy change pick-ups and Magnatraction™ to help them stay on the circuit.

Space Required: 275cm x 112cm, Track Length: 650cm, For Ages: 5+

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