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In 2004, Sideshow Collectibles announced the release of a new ¼ scale range of James Bond figures, starting with the iconic Sean Connery. If you were lucky enough to be at Comic Con (USA), New York Toy Fair (USA) or Memorabilia NEC (UK) last year you would have seen him. MI6 got their hands on that prototype figure to see if Sideshow have created something special.

After Connery had a mention in the London Express, he received a telephone call from Albert Broccoli and Harry Saltzman who asked him to attend a job interview, and he was immediately signed into a long term contract as the first James Bond 007. Connery would appear in five consecutive Bond films (“Dr. No” – 1962, “From Russia With Love” – 1963, “Goldfinger” – 1964, “Thunderball” – 1965, “You Only Live Twice” – 1967) before leaving the role, only to return in 1971’s “Diamonds Are Forever”.
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MI6 reviews the Sideshow Collectibles figures...

James Bond - Sean Connery (¼ Scale)

Item No: 7112
Size: 18 inch (456mm)
Weight: 11.00 lbs (4.75 Kg)
Units: 2000
Artist: Mat Falls

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Official Description
From the original James Bond, comes Sean Connery's portrayal of our favourite secret agent: 007!

This semi-articulated figure includes authentic Connery likeness, polystone head and hands, film accurate costume, and a James Bond themed base!

Not applicable.

Right: Front panel box art


"Upsizing our scale created a format that is infinitely more impactful, authentic, and detailed. The results bear themselves out." - Tom Gilliland, Creative Director

First For Bond
There are a couple of things that surprise you when you pick up this figure, first the size. If you were lucky enough to have seen this figure in person you will know how impressive the scale is – Connery is 2 foot tall and very imposing!

Above: Reverse panel box art

The second wow factor is the weight. When Sideshow say approximate 11.00 lbs (4.75 Kg) they mean it, the figure is heavy and cold to touch courtesy of the Polystone material. Polystone is a mixture of marble or porcelain powder that is blended with polyurethane vinyl. Unlike a normal setting process, Polystone is created using a cold process, which enables it to retain greater detail.

The initial description Sideshow issued with this figure back in 2004 noted partial articulation. Sideshow has instead gone with a fixed pose – so do not expect any movement. It becomes clear why after looking over the figure, as sculptor Mat Falls has created a near perfect classic Bond pose. This is a straight out of the box figure and it works brilliantly.

"Attempting to capture the subtle body language of a classic Connery Bond pose proved to be a great challenge. The tailoring on the tuxedo obviously had to be razor sharp. Both of these elements were expertly handled by Greg Mowry, our Chief 1/4 Scale Architect." - Tom Gilliland, Creative Director

The Base
With a limited run of only 2000 figures, the underside of the base is individually identified numerically. Each one is printed with the sculptor’s name and signature (in this case “Mat Falls”) and the usual legal text. The silver base is relatively light and the front sports a simple plate with “James Bond 007” and Sean Connery underneath. The top of the base features the gun barrel logo that has become synonymous with Bond. Three metal pegs protrude from the logo, which allow the figure to stand upright.

Figure – Sculpting
The body has been formed from a three Polystone piece, and this has resulted in all the detailing and casting being carried out with extra care on this larger scale. Both arms have been joined to the main piece that forms the body of the figure.

Head – Sculpting
This is the first ¼ scale figure but fourth Sean Connery item by Sideshow, which amounts to a lot of practice for sculptor Mat Falls. The front and side views of the figure resemble a young Connery as Bond. Very gentle contours have been used giving him a youthful look in accordance with his earlier films. Soft crease lines have been added all over the face creating a life like head. With this increased scale Sideshow are delivering a lot more detail, and this can best be seen around the head and ears which are strong and cleanly defined. The right eyebrow has been raised to give the impression he’s about to make a ‘shocking’ remark. Layers have been worked into the hair giving additional detail. The parting’s direction has been carefully considered and incorporated into the look.

Gun & Hands – Sculpting
The Walther PPK has been moulded fixed into the raised hand, in the same matte finish as the shoes. It’s simply detailed and correctly proportioned to the figure, although the PPK's barrel is solid and has not been drilled for added realism.

Both hands have been sculpted at this larger scale with great skill, with fine details including joint lines, raised veins and fingernails that have been brought over and improved from the smaller 1/6 scale. This ¼ scale boast more definition, however the gun hand has suffered slightly with too much sculpting being lost after detailing and being covered by the gun.

Above: Connery is fixed in a classic Bond pose.

"The 1/4 scale Sean Connery is definitely one of the most rewarding. I got to correct some of the things that didn't satisfy me regarding the 1/6 scale portrait. Connery really has a complex face. It was a challenge to get it right from all angles." - Mat Falls, Director of 3D

Shoes – Sculpting
The shoes have been carefully and clearly moulded, resulting in lots of detailing. Pegs on the stand fit into three holes in the shoes, and the fit is tight and allows for no loose movement. Detailing can be seen on the seams of the shoes and laces.

The shoes have been moulded straight out of the Polystone and have not been painted, thus the figure has no socks like the recent Sideshow Bond figures. A small detailing on the sole of the upturned shoe would have added a nice visual value to the figure.

Above: Side panel box art

Head – Painting
The hair is a single dark brown with no highlights or detailing, which is the only aspect of the figure that lacks detail. The hairline is clean yet slightly ragged which adds to the realism.

The skin is alive with warmth through well blended light and dark hues. Creases and wrinkle lines are slightly darker, adding to the figure’s dimension. The lips, nostrils and ears are all detailed using slightly off skin tones.

The sculpted bushy eyebrows are the same colour as the hair. Combining the sculpting and paint appears to thicken and add more coloration, which helps sell the figure’s expression. Similar in appearance to the smaller 12-inch Sideshow figures, the eyes are clear brown and the correct size.

Gun & Hands – Painting
Bleed is visible on close inspection inside and between the index figure and gun in small amounts. Both hands have lots of detailing including the obscured palms.

The detailing emphasises the sculpting and brings out the Fall’s skills to full effect. However, the fingernails are the same colour as the flesh and this could have been defined with a slightly off hue.

The trousers (pants) fit perfectly for the pose and the length is down to the shoes on both legs. A gloss strip has been added on both the outer seam lines, which helps create illusion of a tuxedo rather than a suit.

The shirt is comprised of several smaller parts. The cuffs are separated, and the feature gold coloured cufflinks, which are a very nice, add a nice touch to the figure.

The chest of the pleated shirt has three visible metal buttons holding it fast to the body. The collar is where things go wrong. It is a separate item, like the cuffs, and can easily move out of place by straightening the jacket, causing exposure of the back of the neck. The bow tie also does not look right, as it appears a little too small for the figure.

The jacket and breast pocket with handkerchief are well placed and scaled. All the pockets are seamed as the lapels use the same gloss material as the trousers (pants). A join line on the cuff of the gun hand is visible, although it is not fully completed on closer inspection. Three buttons on the cuffs of both sleeves is the finishing element on this beautifully tailored tuxedo.

"If you look closely, you can see pores. That's where we are trying to takes these pieces, a new level of detail and accuracy." - Mat Falls, Director of 3D


This 1/4 scale Sean Connery figure from Sideshow captures his likeness throughout his era as 007, rather than a specific film, and perfectly encapsulates his iconic image as the original James Bond. On the whole the figure has been beautifully created with lavish attention to detail, and is only let down slightly by a couple of minor oversights and tailoring on the gun arm and collar.

This is a great entry figure into the new ¼ scale James Bond market. A quarter scale Pierce Brosnan is due next from Sideshow, which is bound to build on the success of this Connery figure. At $225 this is one of Sideshow’s cheaper ¼ scale figures and is a must for any James Bond fan with deep pockets.

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