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In 1995 James Bond returned after a six year hiatus, with a new face but the same classic 007 values. Pierce Brosnan was finally free to portray the 007 of the 90’s in what is seen as one of the finest Bond films of the recent era. Sideshow Collectibles has added a new 12 inch Brosnan figure, based on his first outing as 007 in "GoldenEye", to their ever increasing Bond collection.

Sideshow Collectibles, founded in 1994, has been exclusively licensed to create a line of 12" collectible figures in the likeness of all five Bond actors, key villains and some of the famous women.

MI6 reviews the Sideshow Collectibles figures...

James Bond - Pierce Brosnan

Item No: 7725
Size: 12 inch (304mm)
Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.30 Kg)
Units: TBD
Artist: Mat Falls

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Official Description
On a mission to stop a deadly satellite, 007 James Bond must take on his once good friend - rogue agent 006!

The 12" figure comes with Robin's vest, watch, AK-74 rifle, Walther PPK, Timer Mine, and figure stand.

Sideshow’s collector friendly packaging continues with final US release posters for the cover of the Bond boxes. The quality of the print and box is of the high standard that you expect from SideShow. The back face features a summary of Brosnan's role as 007 over the last nine years and the gadgets, villains and Bond girls of GoldenEye.

Above: The front flap box art

The internal flap features images from the opening credits of the film, ‘The Mission’ text summarises the 1995 adventure, and a listing of the primary cast is present as with all the Bond figures in the range.


As with all the Bond figures SideShow have issued, the level of detail is subjective. This new Brosnan figure, however, has to be one of the finest overall. Using the already established figure from the earlier "Die Another Day" series, the head and body remain the same.

The hands have been altered to perfectly weald the new accessories which accompany this figure. Upon closer inspection, finer details on the hands are visible including defined veins, tendons and creases in the skin at the joints. Small amounts of flashing can be seen on both hands that is a shame, but does not distract from the overall appearance.

Bond has a slightly darker hue to his skin from the earlier "Die Another Day" figure, giving Bond a slightly tanned look to fit with the filming final locations. The head on this figure has been brought over from Sideshow's earlier Brosnan figure which was one of the strongest likenesses they have created.

Extremely clean, solid lines with no bleed create a realistic and well defined face. Further detailing is visible on the boots, creating a weathered look. As with the James Bond range, the footwear has always been detailed with a little ware, and again is done to a believable level.

Using Sideshow's well established sixth scale male body, Bond has all the movement you would expect to place him in the classic James Bond poses. He features tight fitting joints from the head, neck, ball jointed shoulders, chest, cut biceps, double jointed elbows, and wrists. From the waist down he has a twistable waist, hips, thighs, and knees and ankles. The loose fitting suit allows for a full range of movement.

The figure comes complete with three accessories, featured from varying moments of the film. The main item is a Russian AK47, which is seen when Bond escapes a Russia military complex in St. Petersburg to pursue General Ourumov across the city. The machine gun comes with a separate clip that can be added for full effect. Both of the figure's hands are needed to hold the AK47 correctly, and the weapon can also be slung over Bonds shoulders using the attached strap. The detailing on the machine gun is outstanding and hardly any flashing is visible.

Bond has his trusted side arm in the shape of his Walther PPK, and the figure's left hand is molded with the perfect pistol grip. The pistol is distinctly made and is a key item to any James Bond figure. Finally the third accessory is a set of two Magnetic Mines, that are seen during the finale of the film. Fitting into the vests lower pockets, the perfectly recreated mines are accurate to the film version.

As with all Bond films the watch is one of the key gadgets, but Sideshow has equipped Bond with generic watch. The poor quality of paint on the watch is a shame with bleed on to the straps. It’s a small but noticeable oversight.

Above: Reverse box art

After putting Brosnan in a tuxedo in the "Die Another Day" series, Sideshow have wisely chosen to put 007 in alternative attire. The outfit worn by Bond is what he wears during final assault on the Janus hideout in Cuba. 007 wears a green camouflage, commando style suit with over vest. The trousers and shirt are well made and display tight stitching. Featuring thigh height combat style pockets and over socks that run up to mid calf, the trousers are extremely close to the film costume.

The over vest is a slight darker green compared to the suit, and features multiple pockets and pouches. It departs slightly from the film costume due to scale, however the visual result is just as effective.

Being dressed in jungle combat wear, Bond has walking boots that have been given a good amount of detailing. There is clear weathering and colour variation for the different materials that have been emulated on the figure, however the laces have not been as skillfully detailed.


Walther PPK
Robin's vest
AK-74 rifle
Timer Mine

If you are a collector of Sideshow's Bond series this figure is recommend over the previous "Die Another Day" Pierce Brosnan. This second Brosnan figure gets right what the earlier figure narrowly missed out on. The figure comes with the Sideshow James Bond stand that is staple in their Bond range. The overall product is one of the strongest figures Sideshow has produced to date.

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