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On Her Majesty’s Secret Service saw the second actor to carry the mantel of James Bond and another actor portray the leader of SPECTRE (The Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion), Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Telly Savalas replaced Donald Pleasence, who played Blofeld in the earlier You Only Live Twice. The film would be the only appearance for both actors in the Bond franchise.

Sideshow Collectibles, founded in 1994, has been exclusively licensed to create a line of 12" collectible figures in the likeness of all five Bond actors, key villains and some of the famous women.

MI6 reviews the Sideshow Collectibles figures...

Ernst Blofeld -Telly Savalas

Item No: 7710R
Size: 12 inch (304mm)
Weight: 3.00 lbs (1.30 Kg)
Units: 3000
Artist: Oluf W. Hartvigson

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Official Description
Telly Savalas is Ernst Blofeld.

US Fragmentation grenades, a hand mortar tube, a Colt .45 automatic pistol with removable magazine and holster, ski goggles, Binoculars and belt case.


The front of the box, like most Sideshow products, carries a movie poster for the film. It has to be said that, compared to other packaging in the James Bond series, this one is a little disappointing.

The inner flap gives a brief mission overview and cast list. Like the front of the packaging, the inner flap is a little less attractive compared to that on other figures. That being said, the design is clean and crisp.

The rear of the packaging describes Telly’s career as an actor both before and after his role as Ernest Blofeld. Following this brief bio are six images from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. The usual film details are listed to the bottom right of the back, and an image of Sideshow’s George Lazenby figure is opposite them. To Sideshows credit, the back of the packaging is good and makes up for the front and inner flap.

Three wires and a plastic band hold the figure in the box; these are easily removed. The stand has been placed along side the figure, meaning it’s easily removed and replaced with no damage to the box. The standee is stamped with the film title “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” and character name.


The figure’s clothing is a little under-par when compared to the high standard usually seen by Sideshow. The material used to make the clothing gives a look that is close the film but not quite perfect. What is perfect, however, is the tailoring, which is some of the best seen by Sideshow to date.

The simple brown trousers (pants) have a single popper at the waist holding them up. The trousers are not full length and finish off at just below knee level. The figure’s socks reach to the knees to meet with the trousers, and are then tucked neatly into the soft rubber boots, which carry a lot of great detailing, especially on the soles.

The figure wears an elasticized white polo shirt, which fits tightly and is similar to the shirt on the Lazenby figures. Next is the jacket, sharply tailored and also fitting the figure well. The jacket is baggy and held in close to the figure with a belt that has a leather finish and a gold-colored buckle..

The intricacy of detailing on the head is outstanding. Varying levels of creases in the skin have been added all over the head and neck. The detailing on the eyes, lips and eyebrows is particularly good. Detailing on the hands however could be improved by tinting the veins a slightly different color; the same goes for the fingernails.

Using Sideshow's well-established sixth scale male body, Blofeld has all the movement you would expect. He features tight-fitting joints from the head, neck, ball-jointed shoulders, chest, cut biceps, double jointed elbows, and wrists. The waist is twistable along with the, hips, thighs, and knees. The loose-fitting costume allows for a full range of movement. However, the boots slightly restricted the ankles’ full range of movement.

The Blofeld figure comes with a range of accessories that are seen in the film. Firstly a Colt 45 pistol with removable magazine. The magazine is well sculpted and detailed, fitting snugly into the handle. The detailing on the weapon is good, however the overall finish could be improved upon, particularly the level of flashing.

The holster for the weapon is made of the same material as the belt, and can be attached to it if required. Needless to say, the weapon fits snuggly. It is easy to remove the pistol from the holster.

Two grenades that can be placed in both hands come with the figure. One of them does not have a pin, and after a casual glance this may seem as though it’s been missed out. However, when comparing the grenades to one another, it’s easy to see that the lack of a pin is deliberate. For such small items it is amazing that they look so realistic with virtually no flashing. This is certainly one aspect for which the Sideshow team members can pat themselves on the back.

In the film we see Blofeld using a flare gun to trigger an avalanche. It’s nice to see that Sideshow has thought about the accessories and included this as one. The gun is made of a two-piece construction with a black silver speckled finish.


The figure comes with snow goggles as well as binoculars and a case. All three of these items are finished to a high level. The snow goggles can be placed on Blofeld’s head and are retained by elastic. The binoculars not only fit into their case but also into Blofeld’s hand. The distance between the eyepieces is perfect, matching the distance between the figure’s eyes.

Oluf W. Hartvigson has done an excellent job with the sculpting on this figure, which has to be one of Sideshow’s best. Hartvisgon has been able to capture Blofeld’s calm yet menacing look almost flawlessly in this scale. The right hand has been perfectly set to hold the pistol. Upon closer inspection, finer details on the hands are visible, including veins, tendons and creases in the skin at the joints. Small amounts of flashing can be seen on both hands, but it does not distract from the overall appearance. All accessories have been sculpted with much care by the Sideshow team and have not lost any detailing in the manufacturing process, which can sometimes be the case with finer items.


US Fragmentation grenades
H and mortar tube
Colt .45 automatic pistol with removable magazine
Ski goggles
Binoculars and belt case

The sculpting and the level of detailing on this iconic villain make it one of Sideshow’s finest to date. The quality of materials used for the costume is definitely the weaker point, however when you put well crafted accessories with a well sculpted figure it more than makes up for what the costume lacks. For both the collector and Bond fan alike, this model is one that needs to be part of a collection.

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