MI6 takes a first look at the new iPhone and iPad version of classic 007 Top Trumps: Best of Bond...

007 Top Trumps iOS

4th July 2011

Battle some of the James Bond series’ most fearsome villains and classic heroes in this classic ‘War’ card game from Connect2Media.

Featuring over 30 legendary Bond characters with stats and shots, Top Trumps 007: The Best of Bond is the world's coolest card game (previously available as a Mobile game). Check out character stats, learn their history and then pit them against each other in single player or challenge your friends in the super cool device-to-device multiplayer mode.


    - CLASSIC: Play Top Trumps as you remember
    - REMIX: An exclusive all-new, faster, more exciting way to play Top Trumps 007: The Best of Bond
    - QUICK: A super-speedy mode with fewer cards
    - TIME ATTACK: Race against the clock to get the most cards possible
  • MULTIPLAYER: Play Classic and Remix modes against your friends
  • BROWSE: Check out character backgrounds, pictures and fun Bond stats
  • SHARE: Share the game with friends via Facebook, Twitter, email and SMS
  • OPENFEINT: Compete on the world stage, chat with other user and request new features

Includes the Bond characters: James Bond, Q, Dr No, M, Miss Moneypenny, Jaws, Nick Nack, Oddjob, Auric Goldfinger, Felix Leiter, Alec Trevelyan, Baron Samedi, Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Dominic Greene, General Gogol, Emilio Largo, Le Chiffre, Mr White, Necros, Rosa Klebb, Francisco Scaramanga, Carl Stromberg, Tee Hee, Valentin Zukovsky, Mr Wint and Mr Kidd, Xenia Onatopp and Max Zorin.

Buy Now - $2.99 iTunes

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