MI6 have teamed with CrossGen to bring you an exclusive competition to a win a first edition signed copy of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", and copies of "Sojourn - Form the Ashes".

Enter the MI6 competition for your chance to win.

Win Signed #1 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang"!
10th February 2004

MI6 Competition

MI6 have teamed with CrossGen to bring you an exclusive competition to a win a first edition #1 signed copy of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and copies of "Sojourn - From the Ashes" for runners up.

MI6 are offering readers the chance to win a signed copy of CrossGen's "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", signed by writer Tony Bedard and penciler Mike Perkins. This sellout first issue introduces the leading character Charles Basildon on his mission to save the world.

MI6 Briefing

Title: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Publisher: CrossGen
Released: Issue #1 January 2004
Writer: Tony Bedard
Penciler: Mike Perkins
Colorist: Laura Villari
Andrew Hennessy

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Above: Front cover of Issue #1 signed by writer Tony Bedard and Penciler Mike Perkins.

Surrounded by the political, cultural and sexual revolutions of London in the swinging '60s, three MI6 agents fight for the safety of the globe - and scheme to claim the UK's #1 espionage job. In a twist similar to the 1967 spoof Bond film "Casino Royale", the main character's name is simply a moniker for a series of agents who have fought villains over the years.

'...Basildon will be based in London, usually out of a secret headquarters beneath Carnaby Street.' - Tony Bedard 2004

Above: front cover of Sojourn - From the Ashes

Sojourn is a full colour 180 plus page graphic novel written by Ron Marz and penciled by Greg Land, and is up for grabs as runner-up prizes.

"The dreaded warlord Mordath has returned from the grave, gathered his troll armies and crushed the Five Lands under his heal. Only one woman the archer Arwyn can end his evil reign. Driven by vengeance, Arwyn vows to bring about despot's downfall.

But Mordath can be defeated only by gathering scattered fragments of a legendary weapon, forcing Arwyn to undertake an epic quest...."

MI6 Briefing

Title: Sojourn - From the Ashes
Publisher: CrossGen
Released: Prequel and Chapters 1-6
Writer: Ron Marz
Penciler: Greg Land
Colorist: Drew Geraci
Caesar Rodriguez

Signed #1 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Plus Copies "Sojourn - From the Ashes" To Be Won!

CrossGen are kindly giving away a signed copy of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" Issue #1 and copies of "Sojourn - Form the Ashes" to lucky MI6 readers.

Simply answer the question correctly for your chance to win:

What nationality is Stephanie Shelley, the latest recruit to train under Charles Basildon?



Right: The first page of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" #1. Click to view a high-resolution image.


Terms & Conditions
The competition closes at midnight on March 8th 2004. MI6 will choose the winners at random from the correct answers received.

The winners will be contacted via the email address supplied and their postal address will be requested. If a winner fails to respond within 7 days of prize notification, another winner will be chosen until all prizes are allotted.

Competition is open to international MI6 readers.

Images courtesy CrossGen Comics.