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9th March 2010

Just over six-months since it was released in theatres, MGM planned to unleash "Die Another Day" on DVD ad VHS across the globe. At the time, it was the shortest window between premiere and DVD release a James Bond film had seen.

In the run up to its home entertainment release, MGM exercised their publicity muscle to maximise pre-orders of "Die Another Day" from retailers. In late April, MGM sent a special 7 page booklet to buyers and reviewers packed with sales forecasts and campaign details interweaved with poster artwork and stills from the film. Amusingly, the electronic version called Rosamund Pike's character "Amanda Frost".

Above: A promotional pack for the video-on-demand release which followed the DVD in July 2003.

Of the many facts and figures, it was claimed that 42-25% of males and females under 25 years old rated the movie "above average", 22 million active DVD households in the USA contain a Bond fan, and 33% of those asked said they intended to purchase the DVD. 41% said they would rent it.

The cinema campaign for the "Die Another Day" DVD trailer was be placed infront of "X-Men 2", "The Fast And The Furious 2" and "Matrix Reloaded" from May through to the end of June. It was complimented by a radio spot blitz across stations in the top 30 markets in the USA over the same period.

Whilst stoking up interest with retailers in April, MGM projected that "Die Another Day" would sell around 14 million units (DVD and VHS) worldwide, but this figure would soon need to be revisited when sales performance in Europe was much better than expected. Excellent sales in the UK, Germany and France (where the DVD was released a month earlier than the USA) gave MGM something to smile about - the title was selling better than even the optimistic targets. "The sales in the retail stores have exceeded our expectations in [Europe] and we are very, very pleased", said MGM president Chris McGurk. He anticipated that "Die Another Day" would become the most profitable film in MGM history, after the sales of television pay-per-view, DVD and VHS were entered.

The good news caused MGM to increase the sales targets to an amazing 15 million units. At an approximate unit-cost of $14, the total sales would collect a cool $210 million worldwide. "The Bond films have always been a tremendous hit with consumers and given the highly anticipated arrival of this Special Edition DVD, we are confident the title will fly off shelves at retail", said David Bishop, president and COO of MGM Home Entertainment.


Above: Cover artwork for the first Region 1 DVD release (June 3rd 2003).

On the first day of release in the USA, "Die Another Day" sold an astonishing 1 million DVD units. Two of the largest retailers were already placing re-orders by the second day. By the end of the first week in the USA, "Die Another Day" sold about 5 million of its initial shipment of 8 million combined DVD and VHS units to consumers.

By the end of 2003 in the USA, "Die Another Day" had scooped an astonishing $80.6m in home entertainment sales and a further $44.0m in DVD and VHS rental revenue.

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