MI6 can reveal a smattering of James Bond DVD news today, from the new Ultimate Edition releases worldwide, to the new film Casino Royale and even a case of a missing Eiffel Tower...

James Bond DVD News Round-Up
15th June 2006

MI6 can reveal a smattering of James Bond DVD news today, from the new Ultimate Edition releases worldwide, to the new film Casino Royale and even a case of a missing Eiffel Tower.


Ultimate Edition Worldwide Releases
MI6 has learned that the much anticipated USA & Canada release of the Ultimate Editions in Region 1 has been scheduled for November 2006 to coincide with Casino Royale opening in theatres and the lucrative holiday season.

Official details have yet to be announced, but sources inform MI6 that unlike previous DVD releases, the contents of the Region 1 Ultimate Editions will be identical to the Region 2 versions.

Left: Ultimate Edition packaging (Region 2)

It has been long known that the Region 2 release of the forthcoming Ultimate Edition James Bond DVDs is scheduled for July 17th in the UK, but details have been scarce for other countries.

MI6 can confirm that Bond fans in France will see the release of the new Ultimate Editions on the same day as the UK, and will also enjoy a "monster box" set of all 20 titles, limited to only 5,000 units. Details on the packaging of the monster box are yet to be revealed, but it will not the same 007 attache case as its being released in the UK.

One quirk of the French release is the cover art of the 1985 Roger Moore film "A View To A Kill". The international jacket features May Day and a prominently placed Eiffel Tower, but for whatever reason, the Parisian icon has been removed from the French edition - with a shot of Tanya Roberts as Stacey Sutton in its place.

Australian Bond fans can look forward to not just one DVD monster set - but two! The same 007 attache case as released in the UK will retail for $399.99 AUD and will be released on 16th August 2006.

The second monster box release will feature a "hard case" and retail for a hundred dollars less, at $299.99 AUD. Both can be pre-ordered online in Australia (hard case, attache case).

Above: The UK "A View To A Kill" Ultimate Edition DVD jacket. May Day and the Eiffel Tower are missing from the current French cover art.

Above: The Australian hard case set (left), and standard UK/Australian attache case (centre & right)
Ultimate Edition "Monster Box" Pre-Order (Amazon UK)

Censorship Decisions
As previously reported on MI6, "GoldenEye" (1995) and "Tomorrow Never Dies" have both been upgraded to a 15 certificate in the UK by the BBFC due to previously cut footage being restored to the respective films. "Licence To Kill" will be released uncut on the same 15 certificate. More surprisingly, "A View To A Kill" has been upgraded from a PG to a 12 following the addition of previously cut footage being used as additional feature content on the new Ultimate Edition discs. The scenes in question are likely to include sequences from the oil pumping station when a KGB diver is churned by pump's blades, Zorin and Scarpine's laughter as they gun down mine workers, and a shot where a hole appears in Howe's chest when Zorin shoots him.


Casino Royale
Before the 21st James Bond film is even out in theatres, plans are well underway for the various home entertainment releases.

MI6 has learned that "Casino Royale" will be released simultaneously on DVD, PlayStation Portable (PSP) UMD and Sony's new high-definition format Blu-Ray on 22nd May 2007. Sources say that it is unlikely that the film will appear on the rival HD-DVD format.

UK fans can pre-order the Casino Royale DVD from Amazon now, although no price of official shipping date is specified.

UK Ultimate Edition Release
As previously announced, the UK release date has been confirmed as July 17th 2006. The UK will enjoy a 20 title "monster box" collectors edition of all the Ultimate Edition DVDs, as well as individual releases of each film. All titles will be released simultaneously. The region two discs will retail for £16.99 RRP each, with the monster box retailing for £299 RRP.

Back Story
The 007 "Ultimate Edition" DVDs were originally planned for release in October/November 2005 to coincide with the release of the 21st James Bond film in theatres. Since MGM canned the original 18th November 2005 release date, the DVD plans were been pushed back a year. The series will now be released to coincide with "Casino Royale" opening in theatres in November 2006.

Bond Commentaries
Sir Roger Moore has performed audio commentary tracks for his seven James Bond films for the Ultimate Edition DVDs. Moore recorded his commentaries over a four day period in September 2005 in Monaco with a crew from the USA. The Ultimate Edition "Die Another Day" DVD will also include the commentary track provided by Pierce Brosnan back in 2002.


Technical Features

  • Breakthrough Digital Process
  • Best Sound and Picture
    Revolution in DVD
  • Ultimate Picture and Sound
  • Frame by Frame Digital Restoration
  • Newly Remastered Picture
    DTS 5.1 Surround

Special Content

  • More From the Bond Archives
  • Never Before Seen Footage
  • Top Secret Files
  • The Bond Women
  • Mission Dossiers
  • Exotic Locations
  • Image Database
  • Screen Tests
  • Q Branch

Pre-Order Now
Amazon UK are taking pre-orders for the release of the Ultimate Edition DVDs on July 17th at a reduced price of only £12.74 for each two-disc title. The complete "monster box" of all 20 titles is also available to pre-order for only £209.99 (£10.50 per film).

Dr No
You Only Live Twice
Diamonds Are Forever
The Man With The Golden Gun
The Living Daylights
The World Is Not Enough

From Russia With Love
On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Live And Let Die
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
A View To A Kill
Licence To Kill
Tomorrow Never Dies
Die Another Day

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