Bond producer Michael G Wilson presents a talk about the history of 007 and the British film industry and how the series stays ahead...

Creating A Global Franchise

19th August 2012

Michael G Wilson OBE, James Bond producer at EON Productions, spoke at about the legacy of the 007 franchise at the British Business Embassy on 31 July 2012 as part of the "This is Great Britain" conference held during the Olympics to boost UK business. His presentation, titled "Creating an International Film Franchise", walked through the history of the series, the "dream team" that created "Dr. No", the bumps along the road during the last 50 years, and the tough decisions they make to keep the films fresh and appealing to old and new audiences alike. One of his quotes about Pierce Brosnan leaving the franchise was taken a little out of context by the press and hit the headlines last week. Presented here is the complete speech (his presentation slides are off-camera):

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