Britt Ekland was on hand at the Oxford St HMV to collect the first Bond 50 Blu-Ray box set after its UK-wide tour...

Bond 50 Blu-Ray Launch

19th October 2012

James Bond legend Sir Roger Moore set the digital timer on a golden briefcase containing the first copy of the Bond 50 Blu-ray collection on 12th September before it traveled the length of Great Britain from Monday 17th to Monday 24th September. To mark the Golden Anniversary of James Bond on film, the golden briefcase set off in an Aston Martin DBS featured in "Quantum of Solace" from Eilean Donan Castle in the Scottish Highlands at 10.07am on Monday 17th September, embarking on a seven-day journey. On Bond day, 5th October, the first box set landed at Oxford St HMV, where Britt Ekland - and photographer Mark Mawston - was on hand to capture the moment.

All photos copyright © Mark Mawston. All rights reserved.

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