A radio adaptation of Ian Fleming's seventh James Bond novel Goldfinger is in production following the success of Dr No...

Update: Broadcast date and full cast confirmed.

Goldfinger Radio Play In Production
13th October 2009 / 25th January 2010

Ian Fleming’s seventh James Bond novel Goldfinger has been adapted for radio, in what will be just the fourth time a story featuring the famous spy has been reworked for the medium.

The adaptation of the novel will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Easter weekend in the UK, and was made by independent production company Jarvis and Ayres, which is owned and run by actors Martin Jarvis and Rosalind Ayres.

It follows a radio adaptation of Dr No that was broadcast last year to celebrate the Ian Fleming centenary, also produced by Jarvis and Ayres. Jarvis said he had initially been given approval from film company EON Productions, which makes the Bond films, to produce Dr No on a “special one-off” basis.

However, he said they had been so impressed with the reworking of Dr No that they approached Jarvis and Ayres to ask them to make another. The adaptation was well reviewed by the press.

He said Goldfinger would be similar in style to Dr No, which featured narrations from a Fleming character, played by Jarvis.

Dramatisation is by award-winning Archie Scottney, whose credits include "Something Fresh" (P.G. Wodehouse), "Man of The Moment and A Small Family Business" (Ayckbourn), "The Mysterious Mr Quin" (Agatha Christie) and "Shadowlands" (Nicholson). As with Jarvis & Ayres’ production of ‘Dr No’, music is specially composed by Mark Holden and Sam Barbour.

Above: Right: 1st edition Jonathan Cape hardback (UK). Artwork by Richard Chopping.

English actor Toby Stephens will reprise his role of James Bond on radio alongside fellow "Die Another Day" cast member Rosamund Pike, who plays Pussy Galore in the Goldfinger adaptation. The titular hero is voiced by Sir Ian McKellen.

Complete Cast
JAMES BOND . . . Toby Stephens
GOLDFINGER . . . Ian McKellen
‘ M’ . . . John Standing
IAN FLEMING . . . Martin Jarvis
PUSSY GALORE . . . Rosamund Pike
HAWKER . . . Alistair McGowan
MR STRAP . . . Tom Hollander
JOHNNY SOLO . . . Tim Pigott-Smith
DU PONT . . . Henry Goodman
ODDJOB . . . Jon David Yu
HELMUT SPRINGER . . . Hector Elizondo
COL. SMITHERS . . . Ian Ogilvy
TILLY . . . Lisa Dillon
FELIX LEITER. . . Lloyd Owen
JILL . . . Anna-Louise Plowman
JED MIDNIGHT . . . Nigel Anthony
DOCTOR . . . Kyle Soller
NIGEL KELTON . . . Matthew Wolf
ALFRED BLACKING . . . Alan Shearman

James Bond's Voice
Actor Toby Stephens (pictured opposite), who played villain Gustav Graves in the 2002 movie "Die Another Day", first took the role of James Bond in the Dr No radio production, whilst David Suchet voiced the titular Dr No.

EON has casting approval on the radio Bond, and Stephens was their first choice for Dr No.

Radio Repertoire
Radio is a medium that Bond has not been too familiar with, but EON Productions own the rights and granted permission for the Dr No dramatisation in 2007. It was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in the UK on Saturday 24th May 2008.

Back in 1956, Bob Holness starred as 007 in an adaptation of Moonraker for South African radio, and Michael Jayston starred as 007 in a 1990 production of You Only Live Twice for BBC Radio 4.

Capsule Synopsis
James Bond is faced with Goldfinger, a millionaire who cheats at cards and golf. He discovers evidence that Goldfinger is the treasurer of SMERSH, and as the game is played out, 007 finds that the real stakes are greater still.


Stay tuned to MI6 for further coverage of the "Goldfinger" radio production.

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