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007 Racing Walkthrough
24th January 2007

Mission 1 - Escape To The Border

- Rescue Cherise Litte
- Obtain STINGER missile from courtyard
- Eliminate Helicopter with STINGER
- Jump border crossing to safety

Vehicle: Aston Martin DB5

Drive straight ahead and pick up the SHIELD and H. FIRE. Turn to the left and use the H. FIRE on the door blocking the castle entrance. The explosion will also kill the guards if you didn't scare them away from their spots. Drive through the entrance. Ignore all the guards in the courtyard and pick up more H. FIRE and the STINGER. Now drive to the person who has a red ring surrounding her and stop completely. She will get in. It's Cherise Litte! Now drive back out and use your H. FIRE on the barricade.

After it is destroyed, go past it and then Cherise will yell, " Watch out!" Stop your car. There will be four explosions ahead down the road that you would have run into if you hadn't stopped your car. Now it is safe to proceed. Drive past the craters the explosions left and you will find more H. FIRE and HEALTH.


When you come to the fork, go left. There is a tank aiming at you! If you want to, you can destroy it with four H. FIRE, but you don't have to do it since the tank is too slow to catch you and can't hit you directly. After passing the tank, equip your STINGER and drive past or through the boxes and barrels blocking your path.

Go around the next corner, and you will come to a clearing where the helicopter is taking off. While you are watching it, the STINGER'S crosshairs have locked on to the helicopter so fire off the STINGER and the helicopter will crash to the ground. Be careful the helicopter doesn't fall on you when it hits the ground or you will take damage. If you missed, then you can go back and use the road you haven't gone onto yet and find another STINGER with some other powerups. Now blow up the barricade with your H. FIRE and speed across the clearing, ignoring everything.

There is another tank at the other side of the clearing if you want to blow it up too. Drive past it and through the roadblock and then stop. Another wave of explosions will appear. Go on past the craters, then drive down the road and jump the creek. After you cross the bridge, another explosion will rock the road, and two jeeps will start chasing you.

Evade them and go into the tunnel, being careful not to run into the exploding boxes. You can get more HEALTH here if you need it. At the end of the tunnel is a ramp with a helicopter taking off. Crash into the helicopter to end the level.

Mission 2 - Gimme A Brake

- Collect all transmitters
- Jettison car in Hudson River

Out of all the levels, this one had the most changes for different difficulty levels. The time limit is tighter, the bomb will detonate at higher speeds, the police are after you, you have no brakes, and to top it off, you have to collect almost twice as many transmitters!

Begin by going across the park in front of you to get Transmitter 1. Continue straight to the intersection and then turn left alongside the park that comes almost right after the intersection. Pick up transmitter 2 at the other end of the park, then turn right and go past the cop cars and the white building. Go down this street until it T-s, then turn right across the sidewalk. After that, turn left onto where this street T-s. Follow this road until you see a plaza with a fountain on the left. Drive into this plaza. Get transmitter 3 near the fountain, then make a sharp left to pick up transmitter 4 on the other side of the fountain.


Take a U-turn to the right through the trees and onto the street. Follow this street till it T-s, then turn left. Follow the road and you will get transmitter 5. Immediately turn left after collecting it. Follow the road until you see a street on the right with traffic lights above it. Turn right onto this street, then left into the alley that comes shortly after. Collect transmitter 6 here then turn right at the other end. Turn left at the next intersection then right across the sidewalk when the road curves 90 degrees to the right. At the next intersection turn left, and when you reach the curve of this road, slow down and cross the sidewalk on the left to collect transmitter 7. Follow the street and you will arrive at a park. Go across the park and pick up transmitter 8. After collecting it, turn to the right and go through the trees back to the street.

Turn right at the intersection. Follow the street until it T-s, then turn left. When you come to a park, drive diagonally across the park and the next intersection to collect transmitter 9. Follow the street you are on until it T-s, then turn left to find transmitter 10. After getting that transmitter, you will come to a park. Turn left onto the street just past it, then follow it all the way to the white building again. Collect transmitter 11 in front of the white building. Drive diagonally across the park. Follow the road and you will pick up a HEALTH. After you get two large blue buildings on either side of the road, turn left to find transmitter 12.

Turn left again to keep from smashing into the dead end street. You will pick up a second HEALTH on the way out. Turn right onto the next road, then left again onto the next street. Follow this road to the white building and take transmitter 13 which is in front of it. Sharply turn right again then left. Follow this road until it T-s, then turn left and then left again into the alley. Get transmitter 14 Pick up the health on the way out. Turn right then left into another alley. Collect transmitter 15 in this alley. Turn right after exiting the alley. At the next few corners go diagonally left through them. After those corners, you'll see a subway track over the road ahead. Turn left under the tracks to get transmitter 16. Turn at the end of the tracks to the right. Follow this road until you see a blue building. Crash through the building's rear left corner to find transmitter 17, then turn back onto the street you were traveling. Turn right under the traffic signals that appear shortly after.

You will come to a plaza where transmitter 18 is waiting. Drive diagonally to the other corner of the plaza. Transmitter 19 is just past the intersection there. After picking up that one, turn right and follow the road to where it T-s to collect transmitter 20. Follow the road it was on to get transmitter 21. Now drive straight and you will see a dock. Drive off this dock to finish the level.

Mission 3 - Ambush

- Disable all vehicles in ambush
- Disable forklifts
- Gain access to distribution center
- Collect EMP gadget
- Destroy all ten computers with EMP

Vehicle: Aston Martin DB5

At the start of the mission, you are hiding in an alley. When you go into the clearing, you are attacked by enemy cars in groups of two. The goal for this part of the level is to destroy 17 cars instead of Agent Mode's eight. There are several weapons surrounding the clearing, including H. FIRE, OIL, and SMOKE. Also there are a few boxes of HEALTH when you need it. There are several methods to get rid of the cars. You can use most of them, and you may win. You could also combine methods.

First method: Pick up two H. FIRE and drive backwards into the alley where you started the level. As the cars try to enter the alley, fire a rocket to blow them up. Repeat until all dead and occasionally leave the alley to restock H. FIRE. You could also use SMOKE while backing up to stall them.

Second method: Drive near the exploding crates and get them between you and your enemies. The enemy cars are as dumb as stumps, so they will try to drive through the crates, but only end up getting blown to bits. You will have to mix this with another method because there are only four crates and eight cars to kill.

Third method: Drive in reverse and let the enemy cars hit you from the front. You will notice when they hit you from the front, they briefly stop. Use this time to back away from them and fire off a rocket while they are stunned. You won't take much damage from the blast like if you shot them up close.

Fourth Method: Drive reverse into the alley where the cars are emerging from. Shoot off a rocket to destroy them when they follow you. Now, for every destroyed car, another one will magically appear in the alley in front of you if you are in far enough. You can keep shooting until all the cars are destroyed in seconds. Be careful not to run out of rockets or you could get trapped by the cars as they try to ram you. The best way to get through the area if you ask me.

When all the cars are destroyed, a STINGER will appear in the alley where they were appearing from. Use the STINGER to demolish the door blocking the next area. Drive through the hole and pick up the HEALTH and SHIELD. You are now in an area where two forklifts are working. When the forklifts see you, they will drive over and try to turn you over! They are invulnerable to all your weapons except M. GUNS, so this time you should trick them into running into the explosive crates. Do it in the same way you did with the cars. If you miss with the crates you can try to get the forklifts to get stuck on a wall or a box and then fire away at the flashing red light on its back with the M. GUN.

When the forklifts are destroyed, pick up the STINGER from their wreckage and use it to destroy the door for the delivery entrance of a building. If the battle has made your car weary, you can pick up more HEALTH. Go through the hole in the delivery entrance and into a factory. Ignore all the guards shooting at you and drive straight ahead up a ramp into another room. At the end of the room is a window. At high speed crash through it to another building.

Ignore the guards for now and look for a ramp that leads down. At the bottom of this ramp is the EMP. Pick it up and drive back up the ramp. Now equip your M. GUN and shoot all the guards with it. Next, equip your EMP. Park next to each computer in the room and activate the EMP. Use the EMP until the computer is blown up completely. Don't worry about the damage you get. Some of the computers will give you more HEALTH.

After all the computers in the room are blown up, look for a ramp leading up and go on it. This will lead you into a room that appears to be a place where cars are being tested. Kill all the guards with your M. GUN, then get to work on the computers in the room with your EMP. They are all along the outer wall. When they are all destroyed, break through the window at the end of the room to finish this level.

Mission 4 - Highway Hazard

-Destroy all four transporter tires

Vehicle: Aston Martin DB5

You have a strict time limit if you want to get a high enough percentage to pass so don't waste a lot of time. To finish the mission, you must use your tire-cutting LASER to stop the transporter by driving alongside it and cutting the tires. Each tire will now take almost three full charges before catching on fire and being disabled. If you get damaged, some HEALTH will appear every now and then. While you are trying to do that, there are many hazards to watch out for.

Oncoming traffic is a big problem. For about half the time you are chasing the transporter, there will be other cars driving alongside him too.


Resist the urge to cut the tires while there is traffic everywhere. The car on top of the transporter can also be a problem if you don't watch out. If you take too long to cut the tires, then the transport will enter a tunnel and the car on top will fall off. This won't be a problem as long as you are prepared for it.

Be sure to not get too absorbed in your cutting when there is an offramp coming up. Many times, you can forget to pay attention to the road ahead and crash head-on into the guard rail dividing the off-ramp and the main highway. If this happens, drive down the off-ramp and up the other side. You'll only have to worry about this while you are cutting the tires on the right side.

After all four tires have been destroyed, you win the level.

Mission 5 - Survive The Jungle

- Collect four Mine Packs on bridges
- Locate and drive onto truck

Vehicle: BMW Z3

The time limits are shorter on higher difficulty. The idea of this mission is very simple. Like it says in the objectives, you must collect four MINES from the bridges. But, there is a helicopter chasing you blowing up the bridges! See the timer on top of the screen? That is how long you have before the helicopter destroys the next bridge. If a bridge is blown up, you will be forced to take an alternate route down into the ravine the bridge crosses which will cost you time to catch up with the helicopter. You won't have to worry about this on the first bridge. Also, the helicopter will occasionally fire missiles at you. The place they will hit is shown by the red circles. After you get enough MINES, you won't have to worry about crossing the bridges anymore.

Beware the jeeps and tanks on the ground below too. The tanks are too slow to chase you and they can't shoot low enough to hit you, so you won't have to worry much about them. The jeeps will pursue you relentlessly, on the other hand. They can shoot you with machine guns, but this won't cause much damage. If you let them get close enough, they will try to ram you off the road. Stall them with the OIL you find or shoot them with H. FIRE when they first appear ahead of you on the road.

Every now and then, you will find a STINGER. Be sure to pick it up because you will need it a bit later to destroy a tree blocking the path. If you miss the STINGER, you can still crash through it, but this will cause heavy damage.

When you arrive at the second village, drive between the town wall and the first buildings on the left to find the entrance to the truck you must enter. It is a large blue 18 wheeler. The level will then end.

Mission 6 - Air Strike

- Retrieve Mine Detonator
- Detonate all ten Limpet Mines
- Locate Stinger Missiles
- Destroy Guard Towers
- Laser designate storage facility
- Extract Zukovsky
- Escape before air strike launch

Vehicle: BMW Z3

No changes here from Agent. First, drive out of the truck and take the time to eliminate all the guards with the M. GUN so they won't peck at you constantly while you are detonating the mines. Next, drive over to the tent on the right of the storage facility (the long, low brown building with the big garage door.)

Pick up the M. DETONATER there, and park in the green circles where the MINES are planted. Hold down the fire button with the M. DETONATER until you hear a beeping noise. Then, drive away fast in a straight line from the MINE to suffer minimal damage from the mine explosion. Repeat until all ten MINES are destroyed. Be sure to take the H. FIRE from the wreckage. You can use it to blow up the bulldozers if you want to, or use it to destroy the tents if you are low on health.

Now, go over to the small tents and destroy them by running over them if you have a lot of health. There is HEALTH in the tents to cover the damage, but only if you can live through the crash. If not, then use the H. FIRE to blow up the tents. After all the tents are destroyed, you will have three STINGER and a L. DESIGNATER. Use the STINGER on the two large guard towers on the base's wall. Now, get fairly far away from the storage facility and use the L. DESIGNATER on the garage door until the crosshair is permanently there. A helicopter will now fly over and blow up the door. Drive in there quick and rescue Zukovsky! Now get out of there through the gate which is a hole in the barbed wire fencing.

Mission 7 - Escape

- Activate six homing beacons
- Beat assassin and make escape

Vehicles - BMW Z3

Again there aren't many changes, except for more aggressive driving from the assassin. First, floor it to escape the tanks and guards who are already upon you at the start. After some curves, Xenia, the villainess from Goldeneye, will join you for a race in her red Ferrari, along with some jeeps. You should be able to figure this level out yourself. Get all the H. BEACONS, evade jeeps and tanks, use OIL to slow down Xenia and finish before her.

The ending might confuse you a bit, though. You have to grab the parachute on the left of the road right before the dropoff that marks the end of the level. Activate the parachute, and you win.


Mission 8 - Breakout

- Collect Limpet Mine pack
- Deploy Mines next to crates
- Locate exit to detonate

Vehicle - BMW 750iL

The only thing that is changed about this level is that you must find a way around a new security measure on the crane you use to escape. This level is unique because you are not driving the car itself, but operating it by remote control. You have to rely on the warehouse's security cameras to guide your car to finish the mission within the time limit. It's challenging at first, but becomes easier. Think of it as playing with a real RC car, only with much more at stake. You can do this level pretty much any way you like it. I'll just tell you where to find the MINES, what to do with them, some general tips, and how to escape.

First, drive straight ahead and break out of the laboratory to the astonishment of the surprised scientists! Now turn 90 degrees to the left and drive that way. You will find a platform that the MINES are on top of. Drive up the ramp and back down again using the ramp, otherwise you will flip over. Now drive to each crate with a circle around it and drop a MINE in it. One of them is on top of a platform and the ring is hard to see because the platform is a similar color to the ring. It is the platform near the warehouse wall.

You will also notice other crates lying around without rings. If you hit them, they will blow up, destroying your car instantly. Watch out for them. Also be careful not to hit the forklifts and the small machines scurrying around on the floor, or you will take damage and stop dead in your tracks.

After every mine has been planted, you will need to escape. Don't try to get out the same way you did in Agent, lest you be dumped in a vat of acid. Instead, follow the yellow dot that appears after the last mine is planted. You will find a pack of STINGERS in one of the warehouse's corners. Now, when the crane is about to pick up a car, blast it with a STINGER then quickly take its place while the crane is lowering. The crane will still think it is picking up a regular car, so it will take you to the exit.

Mission 9 - River Race

- Collect four TSP-6060 Missiles
- Locate TSP Launcher
- Reach final bridge and disable boat

Vehicle: BMW 750iL

Now in 00 Agent, the boat is faster and the shots you take on the boat at the end of the level have to hit the front of it instead of anywhere you can aim. The best route is easy to remember. First, drive across the bridge in front of you, then turn left. When you see a ramp ahead that goes through a boat house, crash through the barricade and take the ramp. You will go over a small gap in the ramp. When you get to land again, drive left and pick up a TSP MISSLE. After crossing the bridge, turn right.

Now for the rest of the level, only use the bridges that are not blocked off by barricades, and when the boat shoots a grenade at you, you will see a red circle appear where it will hit. Curve sharply to the left or right to avoid it, unless there is a HEALTH or a TSP MISSLE to be had if you go through it. Both of these items are very important.

When you get to the last bridge at the end of the river (the one with no guard-rail on the left), pick up the TSP and point your car so it is facing left down the river. Now equip the TSP and a scope will appear when you first press R1. Zoom in on the left shoreline of the river with Triangle, as this is where the boat will first appear from when it approaches the bridge.

When the boat appears from behind the shoreline, aim and fire at the boat with R1. Keep in mind you must manually aim, the rocket will not lock on the target. After 4 direct hits to the front of the boat, you will win. If the boat manages to make a U-turn and flee back down the river again, you'll lose.

Mission 10 - Download

- Download data from first limo
- Download data from second limo
- Download data from third limo
- Download data from fourth limo

Vehicle - BMW Z8

This mission is easy compared to the previous outings, even though it is 00 Agent. All you have to deal with that is extra is a tighter time limit and a more sensitive range for downloading data. Just simply track down the limos and stay within the download range for a limited amount of time while they are sending data. Watch the meter in the top-left corner of the screen to see how much longer you must stay with the limo.

If you are too close or too far away from the limo, you won't be able to get the data. Listen to the whirring noise when you are close to a limo. If it is high-pitched, you need to back off. If it is low-pitched, you should get closer. Be careful, if you stay too close to them for too long, they will stop transmitting data altogether and the mission will be a failure.

If you need it, there is NITRO to help you get to the limos faster, HEALTH to repair damage if you drive carelessly, and OIL and SMOKE to get away from the police if they decide to chase you. Not really, the police are as bad as in Gimme a Brake. After the last limo has been hacked, you win.

Mission 11 - Submerged

- Avoid security lasers
- Locate and rescue Dr. Chase
- Plant explosive charge
- Collect four ANTIDOTES
- Escape facility

Vehicle: Lotus Esprit

The ending becomes a bit more hectic from Agent since the blast doors close faster than in Agent. After you gain control, immediately activate your IR-GOGGLES to see the otherwise invisible lasers. When the first one on the right looks away from the right corner, drive around the right corner and stick to the wall like glue. For the rest of the laser area, drive down the side of this wall, pausing every now and then to wait for a laser to look away. Never try to be clever by shortcutting through the center of the corridor. The lasers will spot you for sure and shoot you to death. After sticking to the right wall through a door, and another corridor, you will come to a large chamber with what appears to be a large generator. You can turn off the IR-GOGGLES now.

You will also notice three lasers lancing out from it. Do not touch them or it is instant death. Drive along the left wall of this room and you will find a breakable glass wall. Drive through it and you will see Dr. Chase with a red circle surrounding her. Go over and stop nearby. She will jump in.

Now drive next to the generator, avoiding the lasers. Look for a door to drive through. Line up your car with the door so you can go in a straight line towards it. Equip the BOMB and press R1 to drop it. Now drive as fast as you can through that door to escape the blast. After the bomb blows, you must maintain your speed or the blasts will catch up, killing you instantly. Also, the heavy metal door at the end of this section of tunnel closes faster; the minimum distance is reaching the yellow light at the time of the blast.

Drive down this track. Follow my directions to the ANTIDOTES as the radar won't track them in 00 Agent. You will come to a place where there is a low path and a high path. Take the high path to find the first ANTIDOTE. After going back down, you will come to a sharp curve. Go around it and you will find another place with high and low paths. This time, use the lower path to get the second ANTIDOTE. After the track levels out again, you will go into a purple-lit section. Grab the third ANTIDOTE here. Next there is a tunnel with gray walls. The last ANTIDOTE is here, and shortly after that, another closing metal door. Drive through it quickly and into the water to finish.

Mission 12 - Showdown

- Disable each engine
- Deploy missiles to destroy plane
- Drive off cliff to escape virus

Vehicle: Lotus Esprit

Not many differences from Agent mode; the plane gathers speed more quickly and you must find the breakable part of fence yourself to escape the explosion, as it won't appear on the radar. You have no weapons available right at the start, so you must ram each engine of the plane until it catches fire to disable it. Your rams will only affect the engine while it is flashing, so save your health by waiting until this happens. This is also the time while the plane is gathering speed for takeoff, so if you take too long to destroy an engine, the plane will escape and the mission will be a failure.

Don't try to destroy the plane's engines by stopping in front of them or ramming directly behind them unless you want your health to be sucked away faster than water down a drain, thanks to the jet's exhaust. When all four engines are disabled, your car will short out and you won't be able to move. While you are pondering what to do, the plane is going on ahead and is turning around to ram you! While the plane is turning, tap L1 to bring up the TSP, then rapidly tap R1 until the scope appears. Now aim at the front wheels of the jet. Fire two rockets at it and the plane's nose will dip into the dirt, but it's still coming! But, by a miracle, at the same time you destroyed the wheels, your car started up again, so quickly drive out of the way of the huge plane, then go to the right concrete fence of the airfield and look for a wooden section of fence. Crash through this fence and into the sea to win the level and defeat the game!

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