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EoN GBA Players Guide - Part 1
5th December 2003

Mission 1 - Sahara Desert
M: "Bond you've set the charges, now get out of there!"

Primary Objectives [100 Style Points]
Escape facility before detonator explodes

Secondary Objectives

Tip: Shoot barrels to cause explosions killing the goons indirectly.

M "That was a near thing, 007. I'm sure you'll appreciate your next assignment at the Cairo casino."

Mission 2 - Cairo Casino
M: "Get close to Arkady Yayakov and discover what he knows about the stolen nanotech."

Primary Objectives [100 Style Points]
Retrieve invitation from Antonov.
Compete in private card game
Confront Arkady Yayakov

Secondary Objectives [200 Style Points]
Disable 5 guards using stealth (5)


Handy Hints From M & Q

M: "If you can get behind a hostile and press the B Button, you can take him down quietly. You earn style points through stealth takedowns. You can save these to buy valuable upgrades."

M: "The red bar in the upper left is your Alert Meter. Use it to determine whether or not you are being seen. It will fill up as you become detected. When it's full, you're spotted!"

Q: "If you crouch behind objects, you'll be harder to hit. Tap the R Button to crouch."

M: "To switch your weapons and gadgets, press SELECT, the press the L Button to use one."


Q: "To fire a rocket, press and hold the B button. When you let go, the rocket will fire in the direction of the target. To use your oil slick, press the R button."

Tip: When planning to take down a goon using a stealth choke hold, make sure you time the move when other goons are facing the other way. You should be able to take down nearly all the goons with stealth moves, earning extra Stealth Points for Q-Branch upgrades.

Tip: On the end driving section, save all of your rockets for Yayakov's blue car. Drive the Vanquish up to the bumper of the boss car so you can shoot all of your rockets into it within a second and without having to worry about the tricky aiming system.

M: "Bond, we're analyzing the data from Yayakov's disks now. We need you to investigate the train yard that Yayakov used as a shipping base. See if you can find any traces of nanotech there."


Mission 3 - Cairo Train Yard
Q: "To assist you, you are being equipped with a mobile chemical analyzer that will help you locate any nanotech, or anything else out of the ordinary".

Primary Objectives [100 Style Points]
Use chemical analyzer to retrieve data from residue piles (4)
Defeat Jaws

Secondary Objectives [200 Style Points]
Disable 6 guards using stealth (6)
Find hidden data disc (3)

Tip: When you see a barrel propped up against another, shoot the first one to set the second barrel rolling - killing two goons and activating a "Bond Move" theme.

Tip: Jaws is invincible to your punches and bullets. To damage his health, you need to lure Jaws away from his corner and near the barrels he has thrown to the ground. Shoot a barrel whilst Jaws is standing next to it to make the steel-toothed henchman scream in pain. You will need to perform this at least three times.

Tip: During the Jaws boss sequence, goons will constantly stream into the arena from the top left entrance. Take care of these goons in waves of three with swift rounds from the P99. Pick up any health packs they leave and activate with L1.

M: "So, Jaws is working again. Astounding. I'd thought he'd retired."
Bond: "Apparently, someone made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Perhaps full dental insurance."

Mission 4 - Peruvian Jungle
M: "Rendezvous with 003 as soon as possible, Bond"

Primary Objectives [100 Style Points]
Infiltrate Guerilla camp
Hack three computer terminals (3)
Destroy weapons stockpile

Secondary Objectives [200 Style Points]
Disable 6 guards using stealth (6)
Destroy all communications dishes (4)


Tip: The first three communications dishes are on the first level of the mission. Two are obvious as you have to walk past them during the mission, whereas the third is hidden off the beaten track. Follow the top-most edge of all the pathways as you walk to discover the entrance to the forested area containing the third dish.

Tip: The fourth communication dish can be found after you have hacked all three terminals within the 30 second time limits. Walk through the left-most tent in an upwards direction to find the a hidden area containing the last dish.

Tip: During the final driving level, shoot out the small jeeps as soon as possible to avoid serious damage to the Porsche Cayenne from the mines they lay. Shoot out Diavolo's decoy "boss" vehicle from a distance with the machine guns, allowing you time to dodge his mines.

M "Well done, 007. We have analyzed the uploaded data you sent."
Q: "Everything indicates to me that the nanobots are intended as a direct weapon."

The MI6 "Everything or Nothing" Players Guide will continue next week in New Orleans and Moscow + cheat codes.

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