Misaki Ito, who plays Q's Assistant Miss Nagai, welcomed 007 to Japan at the "Everything or Nothing" Tokyo press launch...

Welcome To Japan, Mr Bond
3rd February 2004

Popular Japanese actress, Misaki Ito, launched Bond's latest game "Everything or Nothing" at a plush press conference in Ginza, Tokyo yesterday.

Ito, who provided her voice and likeness for her character Miss Nagai, talked to journalists at the launch party.

Miss Nagai is Q's Assistant in the game and helps demonstrate the Nano-Tux for 007, among other gadgets.

The game's Japanese cover artwork was also revealed at the press conference - with a similar design to the North American and European release, but Heidi Klum (Katya Nadanova) has been substituted for the Japanese actress in the hope of boosting sales.

According to Japanese ITmedia that attended the conference, Misaki Ito said,

"I am very pleased and honored to be selected as a Bond Girl".

"I was very surprised when I was offered the role. My friends also surprised and they eager to play it".

Right: Misaki Ito, who plays Q's Assistant Miss Nagai, at the "Everything or Nothing" Tokyo press launch.



About Miss Nagai's perfectly digitized body,

"They measured my body correctly, but when I first saw the (CGI) images, I laughed it because she was so 'nice body!".

"My role is supposed to be sexy and intelligent. It was hard for me, because the ideas were contrary".

Other difficult things for her were "to fit Japanese to English, and memorizing the names of the gadgets".

Ito, a keen piano player and sports woman, may be relatively unknown to European and North American shores, but she is likely to be a big influence in the game's marketing in Japan.

"Everything or Nothing" will ship in Japan on Wednesday 11th February 2004, so expect it in game stores by Friday 13th February 2004.

The game is not being released on the Microsoft Xbox platform in Japan, but will be available on both Sony Playstation 2 and Nintendo GameCube formats.

Sony Playstation 2
Japan - MI6 Price: 5,780


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