An MI6 insider at a recent "Everything or Nothing" demonstration files a special two part report on what to expect this November...

"Everything Or Nothing" Spy Report - Part 1
11th July 2003

In part one of a special spy report, our insider reveals how "Everything or Nothing" is shaping up with details of the game structure and how you will be controlling Bond, James Bond...

A New Perspective

As each press release seems to emphasise, Electronic Arts have taken the brave decision to plunge Bond gamers in to an all new third-person perspective view, rather than the familiar first-person perspective shooters we have had recently. The camera system will be familiar to fans of Lara Croft, although from what has been seen so far, the cameras are more intelligent in EON, and do not suffer the zooming niggles Lara had to cope with.

One of the criticisms of the last game, "NightFire", concerned the longevity of the game - especially with the PC version which was even shorter than the console varieties. "Everything or Nothing" will boast approximately 20 levels - a dozen of those will use the third-person perspective mode, whereas the remainder will be driving or flying levels.

A Stealth Affair
Both "run and gun" and "stealthy" styles of gameplay will go rewarded in the game. Fast and furious gamers will get to enjoy adrenaline pumping sequences that look straight out of movie, and when the action become extremely intense, the game sometimes switches into "bullet time" mode. The special feature, made popular by "The Matrix", slows everything down temporarily but still allows the player to control the action in real time. But unlike the usual bullet-time, Bond snaps back into real-time at the first use of a weapon. EA have dubbed this effect as the player enteringthe "Bond Zone". Bonus "style" points are awarded to particularly stealthy moves, like sneaking past a guard post unnoticed, or taken on the identity of an enemy and infiltrating a base.

For the first time in a Bond game, you will be able to interact with a lot of the environment Bond finds himself in. Objects like chairs, bottles, spanners and weapons can all be used to help you on your mission.

The background also provides more than just attractive scenery, with the occasional "life saving" feature hidden there for eagle-eyed players (more on this feature will be covered in part 2 of this special report).

Control Freak
As EA have pulled the camera out of Bond's eye, to somewhere near the ceiling, the combat system has been expanded to include hand-to-hand fighting for the first time. But don't expect to see Bond high-kicking his way out of trouble, that is just not his style. The controls will be limited to simple high and low punches and the ability to throw the enemies around.

To keep the control system simple, one common button will perform a variety of context-sensitive actions. If Bond is near a door, the button will open it. Additionally, it will also push Bond's back against a wall for a sneak peak around a corner, open hatches, pick up objects and crouch behind scenery. If in doubt, this button will do what you need to do. The analogue controls move Bond around, whilst the rest of the buttons are used for weapons and aiming controls. One of the aiming buttons locks on to a target, and another will shift it onto the next target for that attention of your cross-hair. Although this aiming system sounds easy at face value, in practice it is essential when the action hots up.

Console Gadgetry
Although PlayStation 2 owners will get the best graphical effects, and Xbox owners will have honed textures, it is the GameCube version which is receiving special "Q-Branch" attention. If you also own a Gameboy Advance, you will be able to plug the handheld into the GameCube and use it during the game as a special "camera" that previews what lurks behind the next corner on its screen.

"Everything or Nothing" will be released on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube and Gameboy Advance.
UK: November 14th
USA: November 18th
Australia: November 17th

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