Japanese model and actress Misaki Ito is about to be announced as the last Bond game girl to join the cast of "Everything or Nothing"...

Misaki Ito Joins "Everything or Nothing" Cast
30th August 2003

EA are about to unveil another Bond game babe to join Pierce Brosnan as James Bond in the latest gaming adventure "Everything or Nothing".

Little known in the West, Japanese actress and model Misaki Ito will be lending her likeness to the new game.

The 26 year-old, whose character is still to be confirmed, is the final female casting announcement.

She joins three other `Bond game girls`: American actress Shannon Elizabeth as good-girl Serena St. Germaine, German super-model Heidi Klum as villainess Katya Nadanova, and as MI6 exclusively revealed last month - American singer Mýa Harrison as an NSA agent who will also perform the title song.

Misaki Ito, a keen piano player and sports woman, may be relatively unknown to European and North American shores, but she is likely to be a big influence in the game's marketing in Japan.

Vital Statistics
Actress: Misaki Ito
Character: Classified
Status: Bond Girl
Game: Everything or Nothing
DOB: 26th May 1977
Born: Fukushima, Japan
Height: 5' 7¼"
Memorable Performance: "Love Complex" TV Series and horror flick "Ju-on: The Grudge"


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